The Old Bug Trick

It was going to be GREAT!

It was going to be EPIC!

It was going to go down in history as the funniest moment in our family’s history of all time!

I was so sure April Fool’s Day of 2012 was going to be the best of all that I laid awake the night before giddy with excitement!

I woke up early and prepared the kid’s oatmeal. I then tracked down my son’s little plastic bug and lizard collection and sunk them in the oatmeal with only the heads and antennas poking out!

I grabbed my video camera and called the kids to the table.

I was absolutely certain that oatmeal was going to go flying everywhere. Even though oatmeal is the same equivalency as Super Glue when it comes to trying to clean it off of walls, I didn’t care! This was going to be epic after all so it was the price I was willing to pay.

I was absolutely certain there was going to be screaming. Shrieks so loud and earth-shattering that our neighbors would come knocking on our door out of concern. This was going to be so funny that it was entirely worth it!

The children approached the table and stared into their bowls for a second. Simultaneously, my son and daughter pulled the plastic bug out of their bowl, looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and muttered, “I wonder how toys got into our bowls.”

No oatmeal flying all over. No screaming.

It was an April Fool’s Fail.

Yesterday, April Fool’s Day 2013 rolled around. I actually forgot about it. It’s really not fair that it was the day after Easter, a Monday, and my daughter wasn’t feeling too well. There was just too much going on that I didn’t have time to plan one of my favorite days of the year.

At lunchtime, after I finally realized what day it was, I decided that I was going to try the old bug trick again. Certainly last year had to be a fluke.

I served the kids their lunch and called them to the table. They approached the table and stared into their bowls.

No noodles flying all over. No screaming.

From now on I’m just going to keep these pranks to myself, because in my head it was epic and it was great!


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  1. Awww, all that planning and fun, spoiled. Some times our kids need to be more like kids, huh? I admit I didn’t play any pranks, though I did want to “plant a donut tree”. Maybe next year. My husband said that someone gave him a long john full of ketchup at work. Hee hee.

    • You would swear we just had toys and other junk showing up in our food all of the time….okay, I admit to a few stray hairs here and there from time to time!! Also, I love the ketchup doughnut! That is awesome! Bency puts ketchup on EVERYTHING so he would actually think it was a real treat though!

  2. Oh, poor Melissa! All that planning and to no avail! Kids… you never know when they’ll react and when they won’t. I only realized last night that it was April Fool’s. You’re right, Easter Monday and April Fool’s should not coincide on the same day! Hopefully you can get them next year!

  3. That’s too funny! Mr. T and I discussed it, but I had to tell him, I very seldom did pranks, it just took too much time and energy! He was looking in the pantry a bit later and I was like “whatcha lookin for?” and he goes “saran wrap, so I can prank you by wrapping your toilet” I look on the door and the cling wrap is RIGHT THERE and he hasn’t spied it yet, so I say “well, I guess we don’t have any… maybe next year”

    • Oh my goodnes!!! Now THAT is HILARIOUS!! Telling you he’s going to prank you, how’s he’s going to prank you and then not able to find the “prank material” right under his nose….that is so perfect!!!

  4. You’re right, Melissa, having Easter back to back with April Fool’s Day seems so strange. I’m sorry to hear that Iris isn’t feeling well. Hope she gets better quick. As for next year’s prank, I’m sure you’ll come up with something that really works! 😉

    • I’ll start working on next year’s prank right away! As for Iris, she has a cold and is just worn out. Normally the kids really get into April Fool’s Day too by telling me I have a spider on my head or something. This year Iris said in a weak voice, “I’m not sick. April Fool’s Day!” I thought that was so sad that that had to be her joke this year! Poor thing!

  5. I like your idea! I was, alas, prank-less this year. I did try a few times last week to convince L that his day off (April 1) had been revoked and he would have to go to school. He didn’t buy it. Maybe if you try on a different day, just for fun, you can catch them off guard!

    • haha!!! I pulled the “your day off has been revoked and you have school now” on Iris once and she started jumping up and down and was so excited…she is one of those kids who loves to go to school! I’m always failing at these trick things!

  6. I’m terrified to open that “April Fool’s” Door to start pranks with food. Lord knows what mine would come up with. As it was, my kids “got” me all day long. The best one (and terrifying to a knitter): “Mom!! There’s a moth in the house! I saw him on your knitting…”

    • Oh my goodness….your kids are good! And you’re right, I really should be careful what I start. My kids are still young to come up with epic April Fool’s jokes but I know in a few years they’ll be running circles around me!

  7. If it makes you feel better, my mother tricked me into going outside in my pj’s and bare feet (I live in Canada, so there’s snow) to identify some strange flower that she had seen the day before in my flower garden (poking through the snow, of course). Yup. No flower. Just snow. And a mother laughing at her clever wit.

    • Thanks Jen!! April Fool’s is like my Christmas…I just can’t get over how it didn’t work out (I’m sure it has nothing to do that I play tricks and pranks all year long and the fact that my kids really do love bugs!!!)…back to the drawing board!!!

    • Thanks Ingrid! I have to look up how April Fool’s Day falls next year….I’m hoping it’s a more convenient day for me!! I thought for sure that trick would have worked whether you were 5 years old or 85 years old! Well, I’ll just have to get them next year with something even better!!

  8. It sucks when the pranks don’t work. One time I put this zombie mask on and went to my daughters at night. I started looking in the kitchen window and Peyton saw me and waved. I think she was about three. I guess it did kind of work though because her mom looked to see what she was waving at and I think I scared the daylights out of her.

  9. What’s wrong with your children? Even jaded old me would’ve surely flipped oatmeal and noodles out of my bowl. But, I scare easily and I don’t live with people who make it their mission to scare the bejesus out of me.

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