Melted Crayon Artwork

I came up with another project for the kids and I to do utilizing our over abundance of crayons.


For this project I used a cookie sheet from the Dollar Store. We then put broken up crayons (wrappers removed) on the cookie sheet and put it in a preheated oven at 225 degrees. They were melted after about 10 minutes.

Next we removed the pan from the oven and started putting different objects into the melted crayon mixture that we had laying around the house (wooden hearts, stars and sequins) and then we sprinkled glitter over the entire project.

You need to act pretty quick when placing your objects because the crayon mixture cools and hardens fairly quick.

This was a very easy project and I think this is a cool piece of artwork!

For another idea to use old crayons read about another project we did here!

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    • This is clearly a problem Jen! Our house is extremely overcrowded and purchasing a 2nd one is not a bad idea! I don’t think the husband will go for it though! I take pictures of all of our projects and art and then after awhile when we have new things to replace them I put the old ones away in their memory boxes! Our basement is overflowing with all of the things I save!!

  1. Oh, this would have been right up MY mother’s alley. Of course, she probably would have skipped the glitter and embellishments so that we could eat it. Seriously. We always ate the crayons we melted onto paper plates in the sun. Perhaps that’s why we’re all screwy — every last one of us! (I swear on my life — I am the sanest one!) Non-toxic, my ass!

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