You’re as Funny as an Unflushed Toilet

 My three children are a diverse bunch. They all share some similarities but for the most part their personalities and interests are quite opposite.

My oldest, Iris, a 7 year old girl, is dead set on being an elementary teacher or music teacher when she grows up. Since she declared this a year ago, I couldn’t agree with her more. Everything about her screams education. She has a gentle nature about her and an uncanny ability to explain things in a clear and concise manner and is very self-driven.

Iris pretending to be the teacher to the boys a few weeks ago

Iris pretending to be the teacher to the boys a few weeks ago

My middle child, Bency, a 5 year old boy claimed he wanted to be a scientist earlier this year. Both his serious nature and the way his mind works does seem quite perfect for this field.

My youngest, Cesar, a 2 year old boy has yet to determine what he wants to do with the rest of his life. However, since I am with him every day, I have noticed a clear skill set that he owns.

Cesar is extremely outgoing, social and has an amazing knack for doing impersonations and voices. His ability to mimic facial expressions and contort his little body is profound. His voice inflection ranges from high and squeaky to loud and thunderous and can even do a few accents too.

My clownie, clown kid Cesar

My clownie, clown kid Cesar

I have no idea how he learned this but it cracks me up every time he does one of his performances. I made mention to my husband that I think we have the next Seth McFarlane on our hands (the creator of Family Guy).

I picked up a book this past weekend at the library called The Birth Order Book. This subject greatly intrigues me especially since I now have 3 kids. Interestingly enough, it said that last borns are often spontaneous, humorous and high on people skills. Some famous last borns are Jay Leno, Steve Carell, Jim Carrey and Steve Martin.

This past weekend, my whole family was sitting in the living room listening to music. My husband was acting as deejay while the older kids and I were sitting on the couch. Cesar resumed his usual spot on the middle of the living room floor dancing up a storm. He had his body slightly hunched over at the waist and was doing slow, methodic stomping steps and would occasionally throw his hands in the air and wave them around and then laugh hysterically, which led me to believe he was trying his best to look like a complete lunatic.

It worked because I was guffawing throughout his impromptu performance. Iris was looking on with amusement as well while Bency had an annoyed look on his face.

Finally Bency piped up in a deadpan voice, “Hey you little clownie, clown kid. You think you’re so funny. Well, you’re about as funny as an unflushed toilet. You’re about as funny as a lost kid at the circus.”


I quickly swiveled my head towards Bency with my mouth wide open and asked, “Where did you learn that?” He looked at me strangely and said, “What do you mean? I just made it up.”

I sat there speechless for a moment because I had to fully take it in and then I started laughing uncontrollably. It was one of the funniest things I had ever heard.

No matter the personalities or talents; kids are going to keep you in a mountain of laughter. Sometimes you have to look harder for it and sometimes it is just blinding you in the face like “an unflushed toilet”!

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    • I NEVER would have thought of saying something like that! I had to keep questioning him that he hadn’t watched some Comedy Special or something. We don’t have cable so I think there is a chance of it!

  1. I’ll have to get that book on birth order because I’ve often wondered about that. I’ve also wondered about having all boys or all girls and how different it would be (not that I would change a thing, but it’s always interesting to me to think about). It’s so fun watching kids grow up and imagining how they’ll be as adults, isn’t it?

    • You know what would be even better…if he thought that a peeing kid with bad aim was equally not as funny! As for the book…I haven’t got past the introduction. I also checked out Wonderful Tonight, an autobiography by Pattie Boyd about her life and marriages to George Harrison and Eric Clapton. I started reading that first instead…you can see where my priorities lie!

  2. I think Bency has just about covered all bases and possibilities at the age of almost 6 years of age … of what lies ahead for him …. he is amazing …. there is no facet in personality that he doesn’t possess …. from a quiet deep thinker, to an extraordinary knowledge of science and unusual facts that just pop into his mind, to the hilarious sense of humor he has, quick on his feet with the quick wit, all while being being dead pan serious. But when something strikes him funny … his laughter and smile is an explosion of sunshine with bombs bursting in air !! He is lovable, loving and very unaware of himself with the look of Adonis …. he is a precious jewel ….. with amazing things ahead of him … and as his Nana I declare this with hardly any prejudice !! LOL

  3. Absolutely hilarious! Your kidlets crack me the heck up. Oh man, there totally is nothing as unfunny as an unflushed toilet (especially if said toilet has been looooong left unflushed!) I so love reading your posts!

    My sisters and I too are so very different (there are three of us). My older sister is the social justice activist, I am the academic drama queen, and my little sister is the business minded chef. Although when we get together we all kind of meld into one person. It’s nuts, but awesome!

    Happy Wednesday Ms. M! x

    • It will be interesting after I read the book to see if my fellow bloggers personality’s fit the stereotypes and traits revealed. I know in the introduction it said that middle born children march to the beat of their own tune….I would definitely say that is true about you!!!

  4. I read a section on birth order in a parenting book that I’m reading and found it absolutely fascinating. As an only child for 14 years, and then an oldest child after that, almost every characteristic of oldest/only children matched my personality.

    Except that I may most closely resemble your middle child. It sure sounds like we have the same disposition. And I really like his humor! How clever.

    • I’m pretty eager to get more into the book. Even though I am the youngest of three kids they were much older and I lived a life similar to an only child in many respects. It will be interesting to see where I fit in!

  5. And there is nothing funny about an unflushed toilet, for sure! What funny comments, though! Those moments of spontaneous cleverness and brilliance are great. I bet you’ll laugh about that for a long time! I wonder, did Bency’s comment slow Cesar down at all? I enjoy reading your posts immensely, Melissa. Have a wonderful end of the week! Blessings–Alison

    • Oh, thank you so much Alison! Bency’s comments didn’t slow down Cesar one little bit! He just laughed and kept doing his thing! I’m sure he also didn’t really understand that he wasn’t getting a compliment!!

  6. Bency is hilarious! “unflushed toilet” what? ha!ha! I would’ve laughed too! 🙂 I’ve read about the birth order and I believe is true, we are 3 and I’m the oldest and I’m really like the oldest child! 🙂 Now, I will be looking at Nate and wonder what will he do in the future, kinda of early right?

    • It’s interesting because I would even think 7 is too young to know what you want to do but a lot of teachers I have talked to have said that they knew that’s what they wanted to be when they were small children! I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up and I still don’t!!!!

  7. What a perfect comment! The fact that he came up with such a classic line shows you that just when we think we’ve got everyone figured out, they throw a curve ball which leaves us stunned and baffled! I’ve got to use that one… too funny!

  8. Oh Melissa, I’m sure it’s already been said a hundred times in the comment section, but that Bency sure has a quick wit! In fact, he’s given me a good line to use in the event a need should arise. Because really, there’s NOTHING funny about an unflushed toilette!

    • Anka, we only have 1 bathroom in our house so everyone has really come to appreciate a “flushed toilet.” Now we just need to work on a few more undesirable bathroom habits like flicking toothpaste all over the mirror and things will almost be perfect!!

    • I never told you this because I didn’t want to sound like a weird stalker but I have watched some of your performances on YouTube and you are amazingly brilliant! I would be honored if Bency had you as a mentor. I would be one overjoyed Mama if he grows up to do stand-up!!!

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