My Own Little Pieces of Art History

This past Monday found me organizing all of my art supplies. I just got rid of the non-working 1940’s refrigerator that I used to store it all in and replaced it with some shelving. It was no longer functioning as storage for me because it couldn’t hold everything I had and everything was spilling out onto the floor in several cardboard boxes. I spent more time looking for the things I needed than I was actually spending creating art.

I am still not done organizing not only because it is a huge, overwhelming job but also because I started losing myself in all of the stacks and stacks of artwork I have done over the years. A lot of the pieces really tell my story so much better than a photo album can.

Take for instance this little number I doodled during some high school class on a piece of notebook paper. My mind was always wandering and I could never pay attention…

A ink drawing I did while doodling during a high school class

A ink drawing I did while doodling during a high school class

I have always been fascinated by babies and eyes. This is a picture of one of my nephews that I drew 20 years ago. I remember he was sitting on someone’s lap and I just sat and drew him. It doesn’t surprise me that I never finished it. I have so many unfinished drawings in my stack of artwork…

A drawing of one of my nephews

A drawing of one of my nephews

I was so happy when I had kids of my own so that I could draw them. I have lots of artwork I did of these little people. Here is the first one I did when Iris was 2 1/2 and Bency was just a little baby.

watercolor painting from 2007

watercolor painting from 2007

Here are a few more that I came across that I have done throughout the years. It’s amazing to sit back and remember sitting down and making these. When I look at them it brings me right back to those moments.


My husband's favorite restaurant

My husband’s favorite restaurant

Another restaurant in our town

Another restaurant in our town

A shop down the street from us

A shop down the street from us






65 responses

  1. LOVE all of it! You are so talented. 🙂

    We have one of those storage spaces too, we call it “The Crap Cabinet”. I had to reorganize a bit into the downstairs play room though to accomodate The Princess and her art habit.

    • Thanks Larry! No, I’ve never done anything with it. Just do it for fun! I would love to take some art classes someday and get better.

      The visit went really good. He was outside planting flowers so I thought that was a really good sign. He brought me in the “war room” as he likes to call it and showed me all of his medals and some new pictures I haven’t seen before. He was still very sad whenever he brought up Irene. Also, ironically he had no idea it was their 70th wedding anniversary today. I brought it up and he said he never did remember when their anniversary was. I thought that was so funny!

      • That’s so nice that you did make the visit. I am guessing he appreciated you reminding him and the visit in general – or at least the chocolate chip cookies. It’s cool that he brought you to the war room as he always used to do.

  2. I always wanted you to finish the celestial angel painting … from senior year high school … when you sold your favorite angel picture from that era at the rummage sale last weekend ….. I thought, ” Fat chance she will ever finish that painting now ” !! The angel phase is clearly gone ….. You have so much talent …… to share !!!!! Your Dad and I clearly clicked in the gene pool combo to produce 3 such unique, talented, artistic, loving, caring, beautiful ( inside and out ) children !!

  3. I think that one with the flowers on the orange background was meant for me!!! I want to get a copy when I come home this month. I want to blow it up to a 11X13 for my bedroom. I adore this!!!! It won’t be long and I will be able to have a Melissa Vigil art show in my house : )

      • Hmmm…now you have me wondering…I would have guessed either Alex or Sam. Does it look like either of them? It’s not a good drawing anyway…I never even finished it. Maybe I can find one of Jared’s baby pictures and draw it!

  4. Your drawings are so wonderful — very lifelike and real. Along with your storytelling and your writing talent, have you ever considered publishing a children’s book/series that you illustrate yourself? I think you’d be amazing at it.

    • Interesting that you should mention that…I just started a children’s book yesterday!! That’s kind of eerie! I have done a few just for my kids in years past. When I was cleaning out all of my art supplies it inspired me to do another one. It will just be for my kids too but when I finish it I’ll have two made up and do a giveaway!

  5. Melissa, I run the risk of sounding repetitive. But, you are TRULY talented! You should compile all this artwork and have it bound into a book somehow. Not only that, but I’m still waiting for you to write and illustrate a children’s book. I would be the first customer in line! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Anka! As crazy as it sounds I just started a children’s book yesterday! Are we on the same brainwaves or what??? I have done a few in the past for my kids but it’s been awhile. This will be just for my kids too but I think I will have two made up and do one for a giveaway!

      • Yay! I’m glad to hear that you’re going to do a giveaway for one of your books. Maybe you can put an image of the front cover in your sidebar. Can’t wait to see the finished product! 🙂

    • Oh Sarah!! Thank you so much! The only thing that really sticks out to me about my art classes in high school is sitting next to you and talking and always laughing! I don’t know how Ms. Wieske ever put up with us!!!

  6. Melissa, you are so talented! your art is beautiful! WOW, WOW, WOW! I know I have told you this before but you truly impress me with your drawings! You should really consider doing something with this 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ingrid! I wish I had an office like yours to sit and work in. I think that would inspire me to do more. Right now I create things so sporadically mainly due to time but also because I don’t have a good place to do anything. Last night, sitting on the couch I started working on a children’s book though!

      • whouhou! YAY! whouhou! 🙂 that’s me cheering for you, to bad you can’t hear me! I’m very happy for you, I’m sure it will be a beautiful book, a beautiful piece of art! 🙂 please, please let me know if I can be your first customer, I would love to read your story to my son 🙂

  7. I love your art! Beautiful things inspire you. High school found me doodling quite a bit, too, but with less talent-filled results than you!

    Reading through the other comments here–it would be great to compile your art for you and your family (and others?) to enjoy forever. Also, I see you got to visit your neighbor–sounds like it was a nice visit. Keep blessing him as you have!


    • Thank you Alison for the compliments and words of encouragement! My visit with Bill did go really well. I hope he continues to stay busy and active. We’ve finally had some warm weather so I’m sure that helps to get him outside and working. I will continue to visit with him too!

  8. Oh Melissa! You clearly are a woman of many talents! Those are great! I especially love the pictures of the town… you could actually sell them! Next to you and Ingrid, I feel talentless!

    • Lidia, Lidia, Lidia…First of all, thank you very much! Secondly, cooking and baking is an incredible talent that I lack. As much as I try to keep tackling it I will never be as good as you. Plus, what really draws me to your blog is all the knowledge behind it. It’s one thing to cook something up but to fully understand it is another thing. It just really intrigues me! I love so many different hobbies that it is hard for me to focus on any one thing plus I get bored of things easily. I am extremely respectful and amazed by people who find something they are passionate about and learn every angle of it and truly focus on it.

  9. Melissa! You are a phenomenally talented artist! (And using a vintage refrigerator as storage space? SO COOL! Ummm…no pun intended. Ahem.) Seriously though, I am in awe of your work. And what fun to find pieces from times past. x

    • I gave the first one to the owner several years ago as a gift because my husband knows him from going in there so much and ironically my daughter just told me yesterday that her friend’s uncle owns that second restaurant. I will be seeing her mom next weekend to confirm this and perhaps get that one off to the owner as well!

  10. Girl, you’ve got talents! Thanks for sharing. I really like the lion. Also the shop at the end. And everything in between, really, but especially those two.

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