A Glimpse Into An 8 Year Olds Birthday Party

I once had a fleeting thought that I would like to start my own business doing children’s birthday parties. After I had planned and thrown a few I thought they were the cutest things in the world! Fast forward to present day; I still absolutely love planning them and hosting them but I am completely over the notion that I would love doing this as a career. With 3 children of my own, I will have plenty of parties to keep me fulfilled!

The thing I think other parents will appreciate about the parties I throw is the fact that I keep things simple and affordable. Last year, the party I threw my daughter cost a total of $18.00 and that included lunch for 13 children. I didn’t keep track this year but I am sure it was right around the same amount.

Today I present to you my daughter Iris’s 8th birthday party:

Iris all ready for the party to begin!

Iris all ready for the party to begin!

The Theme Requested: Rainbows

The Cake: Rainbow

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Rainbow Birthday Cake

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a 4 layer cake made out of 2 box mixes. One was lemon cake and the other was strawberry. I made lemon curd for in between the layers. This is not necessary. Frosting or jam works just as easy. I knew I would be eating the cake as well and I thought lemon curd would taste heavenly….it did!

Decorations: I save my decorations from year after year so we have quite an assortment. I also usually make one new decoration each year.

This is pictures of Iris birth to present day except I somehow managed to forget age 4!!!

This is pictures of Iris birth to present day except I somehow managed to forget age 4!!!



I made new labels for the soda bottles that said “Freshly Squeezed Rainbow Juice.” I thought I was so clever. Unfortunately, 8 year olds are so sophisticated nowadays and didn’t believe it for a minute!

Loot Bags: This is always a great topic of conversation between my friends and I. To loot bag or not to loot bag? This can be very costly even if you are shopping at the Dollar Store. However, I have chosen to go non-traditional routes. I stockpile little things whenever I see them on clearance. Think after holiday super blowouts! This year after Valentine’s Day I found huge packs of little heart boxes that had cute sayings on them like “Forever Friends.”


Pictionary: I wrote different objects on pieces of paper and each girl had to pick one and let the other girls guess what they were drawing.

playing Pictionary

playing Pictionary

All About You Memory Game: Girls this age love to talk about themselves (okay, no matter the age, girls love to talk). I asked the girls 6 different questions and they each got to answer the question. After we were done each girl got a piece of paper and had to write down how much they remembered about each person.

The questions I asked were:

Favorite food, Favorite tv show, Favorite color, Favorite place to go, Favorite hobby, Favorite school subject

playing the All About You Memory Game

playing the All About You Memory Game

Telephone: I came up with sentences and would whisper them in one of the girl’s ears. They would then have to pass it down the line and would we see how different it ended up being compared to the original sentence!

playing Telephone

playing Telephone

Snatch: I gathered several objects from around the house (spoon, box of jello, pencil, plastic ring etc.). I spilled the contents onto the floor. Each girl took turns taking one object away while the other girls closed their eyes. They then had to guess which item was missing.

playing Snatch

playing Snatch

Ha! Ha!: Form a circle. One girl has to say, “Ha!” the next girl has to say, “Ha-Ha.” Repeat this around the circle. The catch is that no one can laugh. If someone laughs that have to get out of the circle and make silly faces or dance around trying to get the other girls still in the circle to laugh!

playing Ha-Ha

playing Ha-Ha

After all of the games we had cake:

Singing Happy Birthday!

Singing Happy Birthday!

eating cake

eating cake

After cake we opened presents:

opening presents

opening presents

It was a wonderful party and I think all of the girls had fun! Iris said she had an excellent time!

Iris and her brother Bency! This picture cracks me up!

Iris and her brother Bency!

I look like I'm ready for a nap!

I look like I’m ready for a nap!

Iris trying to steal a Skittle off of her cake!

Iris trying to steal a Skittle off of her cake!











41 responses

    • Thanks Larry! I have volunteered enough in the elementary classrooms to know that I would never have the patience that a teacher does! I have no idea how they do it day after day (or high school teachers as well)!!!

  1. Another Momfastic Birthday Party !! That cake was super fantastic and I’m sure super tasty too !! Iris looked so happy … loved all the party perfect pictures of Iris … another gold metal for a winning party …. especially on a budget …. fun and happiness doesn’t require a lot of money … just Love and Creativity !!

  2. great ideas, and i really like the simplicity of it all, so many children’s parties have gone over the top and i always wonder, what comes next? very age appropriate and i’m sure she and her friends loved it.

  3. Melissa you’re surely a creative party planner. No double this party was absolutely well planned. Melissa you should think about the business side and your children would be great helpers, giving ideas and reminders. Your ideas were all great and I can tell the children had a great time. Everything look wonderful especially the tablecloth. Best of all I like your savings challenge and shopping ideas. Thanks for sharing! Be Blessed, Mtetar

  4. Wow! $18 for a birthday party… that’s awesome!! I have to add that I love the cake, very very cute and the pictures of Iris through her ages is such a great idea! Glad she enjoyed her party! You obviously put a lot of thought into making her day special!

  5. You are amazing the amount of work you put into a party! They look like they had so much fun, and Iris is the lucky one, to have a mum, who can do her sums and make it special for everyone. Pfft that was so bad – but I seem to be on a roll with answering with a poem! argghhhh 🙂 xx

  6. Love that cake! If my daughters had been around, those skittles would not have lasted before the guests arrived. You’re amazing Melissa, organizing all those fun games. For my girls’ birthday parties, I’m like “So, what are you girls going to do with your friends?”

    • Thank you Lidia! We’ve had parties in the past that after we have run out of games the kids have just all gone and played! I think that was the most fun for them anyway! Iris continues to ask for organized games though because she loves them!

  7. I love the rainbow cake! So cute and it looks like even unartistic people like me could replicate it! I love the picture of Iris and Bency where her face is clearly saying, “why is he here?” 🙂 I know that face well….haha

  8. Looks like such a great party! Well done. I might have to steal a few ideas from here. I’ve been planning to do a Rainbow/Care Bears themed party for Eleanor’s first birthday this summer.

    • Thank you Joyce! Some of the girls didn’t know each other so that’s exactly what I was thinking when I came up with that game! It was funny if someone named a show that they liked and all the girls would squeal if they liked that show too!!

  9. That looks like such a fun, creative and cute party for a little girl! I love the cake! I think the All about You Memory Game would work well for much older children, or even adults at a party where you’re trying to get to know each other. It looks like your daughter and her friends were very happy, and that’s the most important part. Also, kudos on the $18 party last year. I got all of the food for my son’s first birthday party (his grandparents bought him a cake or I’d have made one) for less than $20. We got a few “extras” for decorations because it was his first birthday and we wanted them for his photo props, but it still cost less than $40 for the entire thing. 🙂

  10. You are a genius!!!! I don’t know how you’re able to stay within budget; each year, my husband threatens to stalk me as I shop for fear of overspending. He never does it, but he should. I’m a mess, Melissa. A MESS!!

    The cake was gorgeous and I’m sure it was YUMMY!!!!!

  11. You are the hostess with the MOSTESS! Amaaaazing “Rainbow Theme” birthday party. I especially loved the Memory Game. What child doesn’t love to talk about themselves? I may to have to snag this idea for my daughter’s party.

    Hope you’ve recovered from this past weekend. I’m wondering how long you have till the next round of birthday planning begins?? 😉

  12. the cake: love it! & yeah, I love lemon curd too!
    so fun her theme party is like her name! Rainbow !!! 🙂 She looks as if she had lots of fun! & love the picture of you “ready to take a nap” 😉
    I hope you are having a more “relaxed” week now? I’m getting ready for my little one party this coming Sunday and Monday! ah! OK, I’m already exhausted 😉

  13. I loved this Melissa. We have these little get togethers with the cousins and kind of do some of the same things. At one of them one of the questions was—- If you could marry anyone in the famous world who would it be. Alexis wrote down Pherb.

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