Someday This Will Be a Law

Have you ever heard about some of the ridiculous laws that some states have?

Take for instance, in Alabama you may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time or play Dominoes on Sunday.

In Billings, Montana no person shall raise pet rats.

Do not try to put a coin in your ear in Hawaii because yes, you guessed it, it’s against the law!

I'm sure in some states it's against the law to play hopscotch in rain boots and no pants!

I’m sure in some states it’s against the law to play hopscotch in rain boots and no pants!

There are hundreds more equally strange laws in different cities and states across the country and I found myself thinking about them the other day when the kids and I were driving down the street.

As we were driving, my 5 year old son, Bency, asks, “Mom, is it against the law to drive backwards down the street?”

I immediately said, “Yes! Well, ummmm…..I think so. Well, I don’t know. If it isn’t a law, it should be.”

I tried looking up the answer to this burning question but have yet been able to draw a definite conclusion if this is in fact a law. However, you can bet your patootie that when Bency reaches driving age I will be constantly monitoring him because if anyone would try to drive backwards down the street, it would be Bency.

I'm sure Bency is trying to figure out how to put this car in reverse!

I’m sure Bency is trying to figure out how to put this car in reverse!

This also brings me to another burning question. How in the world do these strange laws get enacted?

I’m taking a wild stab in the dark here but if I had to guess based off the examples of weird laws I gave above; I would be willing to venture they all have a fed up mother behind them.

If I had the ability and drive to put a new law into place I certainly have a few in mind.

I have a feeling this might be against the law!

I have a feeling this might be against the law!

My most recent annoyance has been stickers. You know those big stickers that people hand out to kids at stores, doctor’s offices, fairs etc. The ones that are encouraged to be put on your child’s shirt as soon as they receive them. Yes, those little gifts of kindness that my children enjoy receiving are one of my biggest pet peeves.

Why you ask? How could a simple sticker be the bane of my existence? Well, the problem with these stickers is that we forget about them and the clothes go through the wash with these stickers still adhered. After we pull them out of the dryer the sticky substance is still there in a perfect rectangle with bits of the paper still remaining. I either have to deem these clothes as a lost cause or sit for hours trying to get it off. Just this past weekend I pulled out my favorite sweatshirt and there on the front was a sticky patch left over from one of the kids putting their sticker on me!

I’ve had enough of stickers and am ready to march down to City Hall and fight the fight. I want the production and doling out of all stickers to cease.

I want it to be a law!

Look closely at Bency's shirt...yep, it's one of those stickers!!

Look closely at Bency’s shirt…yep, it’s one of those stickers!!


28 responses

  1. I agree, and if I may it also should be a law as to how they package kids products. It took three men and a jack knife to get Peyton’s Barbie she got for her birthday last year out of the package. By the time the thing was set free she had turned seven!

    • Yes! I am always washing those stickers too! I’d love “frustration-free” packaging too. I broke a scissors on one package recently. Honestly, WHY is that necessary? Can’t they figure out another way to protect the product during shipping?

  2. 🙂 ha!ha! I didn’t know this was one of your pet peeves Melissa! 🙂 hmmmm…. what should also be against the law are those small legos! they are everywhere in our house and they hurt when you step on them! 🙂

    • You might be on to something! I have never watched Cars but I know Bency has! I remember reading an article in Reader’s Digest a few years ago about all of these silly laws. I only remember one about not being able to chew bubblegum on certain days but can’t remember what state it was. I looked on the internet to get these and there is actually websites dedicated to really dumb laws!

  3. I will help fight for this law! I just hate stickers in general. They drive me nuts (another irrational fear perhaps!?)

    Next time I see my husband I’m going to be all “is that an ice cream cone in your pocket…or are you just happy to see me?”

  4. Been there, done that! It reminds me of a rule I made when my kids were younger. After a row of stickers from the doctor’s office got placed on furniture, stickers in our house are only allowed on the two Ps…paper and people!

  5. love the rain boots with no pants (although if I saw this on an adult, it would be terrifying). My husband would outlaw glitter if he could. I swear, he has a nervous breakdown any time he spots one speck in our house! 🙂

    • Your husband would go nuts in our house! Between glitter and sequins every inch of the house is practically covered in sparkly!! Also, the adult in rain boots and no pants comment really had me laughing!!

  6. I just love that first picture. That’s a typical scene from my house. In fact, my daughter ate dinner naked last night.

    I think you make a good case for your own little piece of legislation. We can call it Melissa’s Law. I’ve baked a few of those stickers on too.

  7. Oh, those stickers. Sigh. That reminds me of all the absurd things that have gone through our laundry (need to tell that laundry lady–me–to be more careful). Stickers, tissues, candy wrappers, grocery lists….pencils…a harmonica. It’s amazing we haven’t broken our washer and dryer yet!

    Thanks for some good laughs. I am quarantined today with some kind of stomach bug. Yuck. Thank God my husband is off and home today!

  8. LOL, since Mr. T has a minor latex allergy, we never had a sticker issue, cause he didn’t get to get them – but one time at some party or another (Scenty, Tupperware, what ever I was dragged into) I had on a name tag, and it was sprinkling when I walked back to the car and the name tag got wet… I still can’t get that crap off and it’s one of my favorite shirts!!
    I like trinkets and tokens better. I’d rather step on that stuff in the middle of the night than fight the sticky!!!

  9. My daughter put a sticker on my favorite black sweater. I carried my new little one around not realizing that he was sucking on my sweater right where the sticker was. I then washed the sweater forgetting that I had left the sticker on it, and well, you know the rest of the story! When my kids get them from doctor’s offices, I usually hide them once they are distracted. 🙂

  10. My kids peel the stickers off and then repaste them into other things. Like our car’s interior or furniture or a wall…. 🙂

    Also– love all the car photos! Especially that little yellow and red car that Iris is driving. Never goes out of style!

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