Every Moment in Time

I take an obscene amount of photos every month. I whip out my camera almost every day to capture something special, something I deem cute, something that makes my heart sing.

Cesar enjoying swinging

Cesar enjoying swinging



Taken the other day at the park

Taken the other day at the park







I often ask myself, “Self, is it really necessary that you take hundreds of photos every month? Do you really need to capture every moment?’

The resounding answer is always, “Yes. Yes it is important to me. For every one of these great moments there are an equal number of not so great moments. During those times I can reflect on those incredible instances. I can look at those photos. I can think about those memories. I can trust in the knowledge that this too shall pass and just over the ridge there will be another moment that will make my heart sing!

Let's face it, life has plenty of these moments too!

Let’s face it, life has plenty of these moments too!




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  1. yeah but how cute are these little buttons, how could you not take hundreds of photos. 🙂 Cesar’s face in the bottom one – priceless…. and yes how many of THOSE days are encountered…took me back. x

    • Yes, that Cesar is normally such a happy fellow but the other day he woke up from his nap in such a foul mood and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what he was crying about! I just couldn’t help snapping a few shots!!

  2. I’ve never gone back to look at my pictures and think….boy there’s way too many. I have often wished there were a lot more of something I didn’t take the camera out for. Carry on with that picture snapping! Those children are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love these pictures. Do you scrapbook? You probably do because you are such a crafty lady–meaning “into crafts,” and not the “sneaky, hatcher of evil plots” kind. We do big crops once a month and rotate between a couple of church halls. I wish you lived closer! We could scrap together.

    • I actually used to scrapbook when I was a kid way before it was the “in” thing to do. As an adult the only scrapbook I have ever done is my wedding album. Now all of the my pictures just go in regular photo albums that I label with the dates and brief captions. I do however have lots of scrapbooking gear so if we ever got together I would be happy to sit down and do some with you!!

  4. Great pics, and I like the idea of the black and white making them extra special. The more pics the better each tells its own story, at times showing growth, maturity, and how photogenic one can be. Be Blessed, and have a Blessed Weekend! Mtetar

  5. I love taking pictures! And I’ve recently decided against photo albums and have gone with a photo book. I make a yearbook every year that highlights our moments, and I have so much fun going through all of the pictures at the end of the year and reliving the moments while I pick which ones will go in the book. And all my friends know that after we’ve had a party/gathering/trip/anything that I will put up an album on Facebook so they can pull out any pictures they want! You can never have too many! I don’t do videos like my parents did, but there is not a shortage of pictures in my life! This came in handy when my brother passed, as I was the only one that had recent pictures of him! Have a great weekend!

  6. I’ve never been much of a picture taker–I do words, you know, and I’m married to a photographer/video guy who does all that so much better than I do–but since getting an IPhone (my first cell phone ever… the year was 2013…), I’ve started snapping and capturing these awesome smiley slice of life moments. And I’m so glad. They’re not great photos. But they make me very happy.

  7. I used to take so many more pictures and then I just got away from it. I feel like my blog has replaced it, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I think I’m a little sad. *Takes out her camera. I’m taking photos this weekend!!! Thanks, pal 😉

  8. I took pictures … not nearly enough, but considering …. no one else in my family was big picture snappers … I was able to provide pictures to many children in later years … wish I had taken more of just our family …. but then again …. you know I’m not good with organization and keeping track of where THE PICTURES ARE .. when we need them !! How did I get a child as Organized as you ????????? You are amazing !!

  9. I have two grown kids (as well as two younger ones) and I find that when I look back at pictures of their childhood it gives me a whole different perspective. Sometimes I feel guilty about things, that I didn’t do a good enough job… but the pictures tell a story of happy, healthy children living a great life. Pictures are an awesome reminder of the good times.

  10. I think the whiny face is the greatest moment to catch. Those pictures are the most fun to look back on and laugh at (even though not so fun at the time). 🙂 you can never have too many pictures (except when you’re me and never have time to put them away! haha)

  11. My wife is the camera person in our family. I like looking at the pictures but sometimes it feels like you act for the camera and not natural. Also, sometimes, it feels like the moment is lost and it is only about the picture.

    • That is very true in a lot of cases. I force my kids to have their pictures taken on holidays and they better smile and stand still regardless of how they feel (I did a blog post about that on Easter)! However, all of my other picture taking is done on the fly and just as I observe things for the most part. They aren’t award winning photos but they capture what was going on at that moment!

  12. Love the pictures, they are so cute your little ones! 🙂 you know, hubby says, I take too many pictures of Nathan (Nate) too but I don’t agree, I think I’m scared of missing these precious moments! 🙂

  13. I’m curious, what do you do with your pictures? I have a lot too, and I really feel that I need to let them out and put them in an album rather than letting them live (dangerously) in my computer or phone. I need a system!

    • Joyce, a few years ago we put a system into place (thanks to my husband)! He organized a folder in the computer labeled Pictures and in it goes separate files by month and year. For example we have family pictures that go back to 2004 so there is 1. August 2004 we are now on 113. May 2013. You have to remember to number the files so they all stay in order. Every month I empty the camera and phones into a new file. I only print off my favorites to put in photo albums. Also I purchased digital photo frames and every month I put pictures on it from that month of all years past. Right now we have June pictures flashing on it from the past 9 years. My husband also purchased a portable hard drive and he copied all of our pictures on it and keeps it at work. He occasionally brings it home to update it. So far this system has worked good for me and is so much more organized then it was a few years ago!

      • Oh yes, I’m about to print out your comment and put it into practice! I really need a system, and I really like the idea of the portable hard drive kept elsewhere.

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