Bull Head, A Highway in the House and So Much Blue

There’s nothing like a long vacation that puts me in the mood for working my patootie off!

I have been in almost constant motion since we set foot back on our homestead. Today had me in a particularly high speed whirl as I did a complete makeover on our back porch. Can anyone guess how much a complete makeover of a back porch costs? Anyone? Anyone? Well, the answer is a big ol’ nothing! Yes, that’s right, it cost zero dollars to give a fresh look to our forlorn little porch!

Before I do the big reveal I have to show you two other projects.

While we were in New Mexico the past few weeks I attended a few garage sales and a flea market. I know, I’m on vacation and can still not get away from my scavenger hunt addiction.

The first project is actually courtesy of my husband. He had been looking for a bull skull while we were on vacation and many of them were very costly. However we finally found one at a flea market for $20 but someone had painted it and it was extremely ugly in my opinion:

That's one ugly bull head!

That’s one ugly bull head!

I told my husband he should get it though at that price and we could spray paint it. My husband set to work yesterday and here is the finished result:

A new piece of art for our living room!

A new piece of art for our living room!

The next project was one that I did yesterday. I had found an old highway sign at the same flea market. It is New Mexico’s Highway 25 which is one of the major highways in the state. I absolutely love old rustic things so this was right up my alley. It was really dirty though but what can you expect when you only pay $15:

Old highway sign

Old highway sign

I cleaned it up with a soapy water and a toothbrush and then I varnished the whole thing. It now hangs in my kitchen:


My new kitchen art

My new kitchen art

Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture of my porch to show you but trust me it was bad! It is actually one of the most used spaces when we have company so it really deserved to be spruced up. As I said before the redo cost nothing except my time and a really sore back right now. I already owned the porch swing, the old table and the old rocking chair. The rest of the furniture was found on the side of the road recently all ready to be brought to the dump. I think I really scored. Plus the paint I used was from our local recycling center that you can get free paint from that people have brought in that can no longer use it. So I spent a good portion of the day painting all of this furniture. Both of my older kids helped out too. My son painted the legs of the table and my daughter painted two wooden stools and a children’s table and chair that we have had for quite some time that I had picked up at the thrift store. Here is how it all turned out:

Iris hard at work painting

Iris hard at work painting








I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! We will be celebrating with a cookout with family and relaxing on our back porch!




30 responses

  1. Your porch is so inviting! I love the shade of blue and also the lanterns above. I hope you enjoy your 4th! We are hosting our first get-together in our new (temporary) home tomorrow…there are still a few too many boxes here and there, but family members are pretty good at overlooking those sorts of things.

    • I hope the get-together is fun-filled. Everyone will understand about the boxes for sure. My family has put up with my porch and it’s lack of seating and mess for years yet that is where we usually ended up sitting! Happy 4th of July Alison!

  2. Melissa!!! Sooooooo beautiful and creative of course. Happy Fourth to you and your family as well. Continue to Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar

  3. Why does anyone look for a bull skull? Strikes me as a little creepy – no offense.
    The porch looks pleasant – it screams out “pour me some lemonade.”
    I really appreciate/respect how economical you are.

    • Thank you Larry! Skulls and taxidermy animals fill the southwest home decor. I’m just happy my husband settled for a bull skull. He was eyeing up a buffalo taxidermy head too and that cost $800! I think I told you one time that my husband doesn’t have much say in the decorating of our home but see I am nice and make exceptions sometimes as long as it is affordable!

  4. Wow! Where do I start… that bull head. Amazing how you made it look so beautiful after all those funky paint colours! Are those the natural bull horns? Gorgeous! That New Mexico Highway sign is my kind of souvenir. LOVE it! And your porch… I just love porches but am not lucky enough to have one. I could just picture myself on that porch reading for hours. Beautiful Melissa!

    • Thank you Lidia! Yes, those are the natural bull horns! I would have loved to have it in it’s natural state but I’m happy with how it turned out too! My neighbor came over when I was outside varnishing my highway sign. The look on her face completely read that she thought I was off my rocker when I told her that I was getting it ready to hang in my kitchen! I know that look is not for everyone but that’s the kind of stuff I love! As for the porch I was lucky enough to sit on it a few times and do some crossword puzzles while the kids played outside. Crazily enough though my kids and the neighbor kids have started claiming it as theirs the past few days. They all gather on it and sit around and talk while having their popsicles! I may need to talk my husband into making it bigger!

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