Stop Grabbing Your Uvula

There have been scientific studies done about this.

There have been books written about this.

This is not a new revelation and yet even though I know this, it never fails to surprise me how different boys are versus girls.

Boys are gross and weird.

If you don’t agree take a look at my case and point:

The other day my 6 year old son is coughing and sputtering. I ask him if he is okay and what is going on. He replies that he is fine and is just training himself to be able to hold the dangling thing in his throat without coughing and gagging.

Insert brief moment of silence while my mind races wildly.

Next I explode with, “What? What? You are grabbing your uvula? GRABBING YOUR UVULA? UVULA?? Why would you want to condition yourself to hold your uvula without coughing or gagging? Please stop grabbing your uvula!!”

I rest my case.

Don't grab your uvula

Don’t grab your uvula

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  1. As wife of an ENT doc, I must pass on this story to him later today. I’m sure he’s heard/seen this before, but it’s pretty funny nonetheless. There’s an older doc that we know, also an ENT, who lately thinks the uvula is the root of many ailments, and has been removing many a uvula from his trusting patients. My husband and I now call him the uvula ninja. Watch out, guard those uvulas!
    Boys do gross things, yes. Thanks for the story and great picture of the throat! Fittingly, I’m typing next to little A, who is sleeping off the effects of strep throat. We thought it was a stomach virus…glad I took her to the doc today!


  2. I have never heard such a thing … I just can’t imagine that thought ever occurring to any person .. male or female … not even a little boy !! once after coming out of some medical procedure … nothing to do with my throat … I had this terrible cough and a plug of what I thought was mucous in my throat … doing everything possible to dislodge and get it out of there. Finally I called the nurse in and told her she needed to suction my throat to get the mucous plug out … She took a look and said, ” Oh my gosh, you uvula is swollen and huge … Don’t try coughing that up ” !! Treatment amounted to sips of water and trying to ignore it … and nobody seemed to know WHY I had this condition !!

  3. I just wrote a post last week about how little I understand boys. Unfortunately I have 3 of them. It was harder for me in a way though, because my oldest son didn’t do a lot of things that my younger two did, so I figured it was all in the parenting. Hah!!

  4. Tell Bency thanks for the lesson in human anatomy. I didn’t even know it was possible to touch your uvula! Your little man is full of surprises. I can only imagine how Iris reacted to her brother . . . πŸ™‚

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