I’m In England

Hi Folks!

Today you can find me in England!

Okay, actually it is just a blog out of England called Little Steps run by my friend Dean. She is originally from the Philippines and is now living in the most charming area of England by the ocean with her husband and daughter.

She asked me to partake in her monthly Chat With A Mom and I graciously accepted. So hop on over and find my answers to her burning questions!

October Chat With Moms

Also, I believe it is tomorrow you will find me over at the Sadder But Wiser Girl’s blog doing a guest post about what made me a better person (it is probably not at all what you expect)! I will be back with the link when that post comes up!

Have a great day!


9 responses

  1. you got me there with your title! ha!ha! just read your fun interview and WOW do kids take up all of our time (they are so worth it) πŸ™‚ & loved when you said that your free time is when you are cooking or cleaning by yourself (I can relate) every other second of my day seems to belong to Nate (even when I’m crafting, he’s next to me) πŸ™‚
    hope you are well! πŸ™‚ & wish you a good week too!

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