The Evolution of Parenting

Do you remember the episode of Little House on the Prairie when Albert Ingalls becomes addicted to morphine? It was a doozy complete with Albert stealing from Doc Baker, hitting his teacher and then going through severe withdrawals after Pa takes him away to a makeshift rehab at Mr. Edward’s cabin.

"Don't cry Pa. Albert will get over his drug addiction."

“Don’t cry Pa. Albert will get over his drug addiction.”

This episode shows that no matter the era, parenting is a really difficult job. Kids are kids. You will always have the needy infant, toddlers who throw fits for no apparent reason and of course, the rebellious teenagers.

The differences that come in to play between parenting during the 19th century and the 21st century, or even the generation before us is all of the technology and advancements to our world.

A lot of the technology and new inventions have made parenting in the present much easier. I feel bad that my mother’s generation had to use cloth diapers. I feel bad for the pioneer woman that had to wake up before dawn and start a fire in the house and bake bread even though she had probably been up all night with a baby. I know that dishwashers, microwaves and washing machines have made my role as a parent so much easier.

Technology is a double-edged sword though. It puts today’s parents in predicaments that Charles Ingalls never would have thought possible as he sat and cleaned up the vomit from one of Albert’s major puking sprees as he withdrew from that morphine.

The other day when I was in the shower, my 6 year old son came running into the bathroom screaming that my 3 year old son puked in the recliner while they were watching television. I quickly rinsed the shampoo out of my hair in a frenzy, horrifically anticipating the mess that waited for me when I got out.

I was happily surprised when I entered the living room and saw my 3 year old sitting in the recliner, watching his episode of Dora the Explorer with a blanket on his lap covered in puke. There was not one single drop on the chair or anything else. All I would need to do is deal with the blanket. As I lifted the blanket off of him I noticed something sticking out from the pile of vomit.

It was the remote control for the television.

Pioneer women may have had to make their own candles and hand sew all of the family’s clothes but they never had to figure out how to wash a remote control covered in puke.

Thankfully I got the remote cleaned up so my son can watch television again!

Thankfully I got the remote cleaned up so my son can watch television again!

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  1. lol – GROSS!!!! I’ve had that issue before, puke covering an electronic device and I’m not going to lie, I have just issues with vomit that my internal debate is always “Do I clean it or can I just buy another one?” Considering that I’m a single mom on a tight budget, especially when T was little, that shows what an issue I have with it!! So, kudos to you for cleaning it! (I probably would have too, as it’s $20 to replace my cable remote!)

  2. Clean with wipes? Definitely can’t bleach the remote! I watched Little House on the Prairie when I was kid. I don’t remember much of the episodes, but I remember loving the dresses! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Cathy! I know almost all of the Little House on Prairie episodes by heart so I could probably tie more of their story lines in! I hope you and your family have been doing well! Cesar actually didn’t have the stomach flu. It happened the day after Thanksgiving. Since he didn’t eat a ton of turkey or stuffing I’m assuming it was because he had too much pie and cookies. I still have the stomach flu to look forward to this winter!

  3. OMG — He’s getting so big!

    My kid used to throw up every time we went to Home Depot (which, unfortunately, was a lot!) — she was very considerate, though. She used to make a cup of her hands and throw up. (To this day, I have no idea what it was about Home Depot that made her puke!)

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Lol… I have the entire DVD set of little house on the prarie if you ever want to have a 2 week marathon you can borrow it.. Love your prospective. Glad to hear the smile in your blog. πŸ˜‰

  5. oh! Melissa, my friend, welcome back, so happy to read a post of yours this evening! πŸ™‚ hope to read more πŸ™‚ & yes, I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid, I watch it with my mom and grand ma πŸ™‚ & wow! Cesar has grown up, he looks adorable with that gorgeous smile of his, I can’t believe he puked on the remote control ha!ha! πŸ™‚
    hope you are well Melissa & once again WELCOME Back! πŸ™‚

  6. Ewwwww! Vomit is something my kids have never done (age 3 & 4), so I think the first time will be quite a shock for all of us!! I do love technology, but I am sometimes wistful for the old days where the mums and kids were all home together and not off working/childcare. Good to see you back. Cheers, Alison

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