Operation Smile

My sweet blogging friend over at Embracingtheinsanity recently did a post about the charity she and her 7 year old son started called Operation Smile.

It is a list of children who are battling illnesses and disease and can use some cheering up. All you have to do to participate is send these children a letter, card or some sort of mail. As we all know getting something in the mailbox can do wonders to lift your spirits.

I thought this was such a great idea and am thankful to her and her amazing 7 year old son for taking the initiative to start this and spread the word.

I knew my daughter would love doing this and then the thought occurred to me to incorporate it with my Girl Scout troop.

Yesterday I sat down with the girls in the troop and we talked about children who are sick and how we can make a difference. My girls were completely on board with this project and we sat down and set to work writing letters and drawing pictures to send to the children on the list. They all did an outstanding job and really put a lot of thought and effort into their letters!

My Girl Scout Troop writing letters for Operation Smile

My Girl Scout Troop writing letters for Operation Smile

I highly encourage others to do the same and spread some love!

Be sure to check out Embracingtheinsanity by clicking here to get all the details! Also check out their charity blog page that her and her son started called Mikey’s Helping Place to see all the great stuff they are doing!