Just A Minute

It’s not a new discovery that small children soak up everything they see and hear. As a mom on her third time around it should not surprise me that my 2 year old, Cesar, has absorbed everything I do and has begun to mimic me incessantly.

Much to my dismay, Cesar has picked up my catchphrase.

It’s not a “cool” catchphrase; it’s merely a phrase I have to say to my family on the average of 107 times a day.

It’s “Just a minute.”

I have legitimate uses for this phrase. Much to my family’s bewilderment I am not idly sitting around waiting for a request from them. I’m more often than not, engaged in useful duties that benefit the running of our household.

Chances are if you want me to come see your newest masterpiece you have just drawn and I’m downstairs putting laundry in, you’ll hear, “Just a minute.”

It’s very likely that if you are requesting food or drink and I’m halfway down the driveway bringing the garbage to the road, you’ll hear, “Just a minute.”

It’s a good probability that if you need help finding your blue shirt and I’m upstairs singing a bedtime song to the baby, you’ll hear a whispered hiss with a edge to it of, “Just a minute.”

So, yes, “Just a minute,” is a fixture in my daily verbiage and it became more apparent to me when I asked Cesar the other day to come by me and get his clothes on and he…..

Held up one finger, looked at me and said, “Just a minute” and continued to put his stacking cup toy back in order.

I dream of the day when my catchphrase is, “Wow, I can’t believe how much sleep I got last night.” or “I can’t believe how much I got accomplished today.”

Until that day, my family will have to be suffice to wait, “Just a minute.”

I’m busy stacking my cups…I’ll be with you in a minute