Peddling Ice Cream

Every year, the company my husband works for as a Sales Trainer, Cellcom (a cellphone company), puts on Customer Appreciation days. It’s a fabulous event providing current and potential customers with free food, discounted accessories, phones and ICE CREAM!

I usually bring the kids every year while my husband is there helping out. We get to say hello to his co-workers, eat some food and of course, the kids favorite part….have ICE CREAM!

I have brought the kids to his work a few times. They’ve seen the showroom floor and we’ve walked upstairs to see his desk but they’ve never seen him in one of his training courses. My daughter knows what he does for a living and I guess I just assumed my son did as well.

One morning at the breakfast table my daughter made the remark, “I know why Daddy’s work’s name is Cellcom. It has the word “cell” in it and they sell cellphones.” She was proud of herself for making the correlation.

My son looked quizzically at her and said, “Daddy sells cellphones???? I thought he sold ICE CREAM!”

Apparently, when we went to last year’s Customer Appreciation Day at my husband’s work and Daddy gave him ice cream, that’s what he thought he did for a living.

My son Bency was 4 years old at the time. I think every 4 year old’s dream would be to have a Dad who sold ice cream. I was a little sad I had to confirm for him that his Dad’s work did indeed sell cellphones.

We went to the Customer Appreciation day yesterday. The kids had a good time and they got their ice cream straight from the cooler handed to them by their Dad.  For one day every year…Their Dad sells ICE CREAM!


Dad handing out ice cream