Yes Dear, There Really is a Candy Land

Last year while playing a game of Candy Land with my kids, my 6 year old daughter at the time, Iris asked if a place like Candy Land really existed.

My reply was, “Yes!”

I want my children’s minds to be filled with lovely, magical thoughts and dreams and it really wasn’t a lie.

One year, before I had children of my own, I did recreate a Candy Land for my nieces and nephews. My mom and I strung hundreds of pieces of candy from trees in my parent’s backyard. We made signs and hung balloons. Granted, it wasn’t as breathtaking as stepping onto the set of Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but we put forth good effort. I really couldn’t think of a way to recreate that chocolate river!




I fully intend on doing this for my own children as soon as I can find a way to sneak away and thread hundreds of pieces of candy without them knowing about it!

I love making my children’s wishes come true; especially when they are sweet, innocent ones and not ones of material things and are simply experiences they wish to achieve.

Iris brought me this note yesterday and said she was mailing it to Santa:

Letter to Santa

To Santa Claus,

Merry Christmas! I have a question. Can I ride in the sleigh with you on Christmas night? If I can, make sure when I fall asleep I go home.

Thank You!


P.S. Bring Rudolph. I like all the stories of you and him. I have tons of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer books.

I’m not sure how I’m going to go about pulling this one off!