To Sew or Not to Sew

I cannot sew with a sewing machine. My mom can sew. She tried teaching me SEVERAL times but it did not take. I love the concept of sewing and I understand the basic idea of it…unite two pieces of fabric together and bond it together with a threaded needle. I however have never taken kindly to rules. There is a lot of creativeness with sewing but there are rules that need to be followed in order to end up with your desired result.

I can hand stitch though. Well, kind of. There is actually a proper way to do this as well. I think there is actually several proper ways and they all have a name. I myself do not know any of the proper ways but I can get my fabric sewed together in a caveman- like way. I have sewn Barbie clothes for my daughter and I’ve done a few pillows and other simple projects.

This past weekend I was going through some of my 7 year old daughter’s clothes in order to start getting ready for back to school. The majority of her clothes from last year will still fit this year but I’m on a mission to give some of them a new look.

Here is a picture of the sweatshirt I did.

picture of the sweatshirt I did this weekend

I started with a plain purple sweatshirt and hand stitched on some fish and bubbles that I cut out from a different piece of fabric. (Bonus: I went to two rummage sales this weekend where they were selling fabric for next to nothing and giving it away free!)

I do find hand stitching relaxing but if it’s not your thing, they sell fabric glue that would be perfect for this project as well. No sewing…just paste your cut outs on the sweatshirt.

Not only is this project great for updating a look but also perfect for covering up a tough stain or a small hole!

Have fun!!!