Daddy’s Little Girl

My husband is my 7 year old daughter Iris’s biggest cheerleader. When I say she can have one piece of candy after supper…he sneaks her two and whispers not to tell me (I can HEAR you)! He is a parenting books nightmare. Sometimes he is my nightmare when it comes to this “softie” approach. I don’t say anything though…just give him my infamous “eye roll.” I secretly love how he adores our daughter and does everything from his heart. When Iris recently got her ears pierced he asked her several times a day if he could see them. She would proudly pull back her hair and he would whistle and say how beautiful they were. One night when I was tucking her into bed she said she thought Daddy loved her earrings the most out of anyone and that she loved showing him her earrings. It made me happy to know that this simple little gesture could bring a little girl so much joy. I guess everyone needs that “softie” in their life. Someone who will always cheer them on, sneak them one more piece of candy and tell them over and over how beautiful  and special they are.

Alex and Iris on their way to the Father/Daughter dance this spring

Painting I did of Alex and Iris today