Don’t Forget to Drink Your Coffee

I need coffee EVERYDAY. Like many people I am in a slightly catatonic state when I wake up in the morning. I’m sure it doesn’t help that most of my mornings start at 5am and that almost every night our 5 year old sleep walks into our bedroom, crawls into our bed and gives me 2 inches to lay on and virtually no air space to breathe.

I know it would be healthy if I started my day with a brisk run but there have been studies linked to coffee and its ability to delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. So really I am doing my family a service by being fully awake each day to meet all of their needs and I will forever remember their names.

One day, I didn’t have coffee and I actually forgot how to run my washing machine. I have been doing laundry for 20 plus years, and in recent years, it is sometimes 10 loads a week. The only explanation for my mind suddenly becoming blank to this chore was that I had momentarily let Alzheimer’s slip in with my lack of caffeine.

In an effort to prevent forgetting one of my children at a store or the ability to be able to figure out how to open a box of cereal and give my kids breakfast. I will continue to drink coffee!

Here is a cool tip we do at our house to have gourmet coffee on a serious budget. I got this inside information from my Uncle Jeff and it is so good and easy!

We buy regular coffee and whichever one is on sale. Put your grounds in the coffee filter and sprinkle CINNAMON on top of your grounds. Add your water and turn on the coffee pot! That’s it! You will now have great tasting coffee and be given the added bonus of keeping your memory forever or at least be awake enough to make it through another day!!

My morning coffee