The Wish Catcher

As I mentioned before, I am a Girl Scout Leader for my daughter’s Brownie troop. This week we wanted to do a Christmas craft. Seeing as we are a new troop and don’t have any money yet it had to be something not only simple that this 7-8 year old age group could do but more importantly not cost a lot of money.

Two weekends ago, I went to an estate sale and bought a huge bag (about 40 unopened rolls) of crochet thread for $1.50. I put my mind to work to somehow utilize this in our Girl Scout craft and this is what I came up with:

The Wish Catcher

The Wish Catcher

After I made one it dawned on me that it resembled a dream catcher so I decided to name this the Wish Catcher.

I turned to my sister who is an amazing poet and asked her come up with poem to include with the ornament. This is what she wrote for me:

Make a special Christmas wish, as you hang me on your tree. I will catch your wish and send it out to the Christmas Wish Fairy. So close your eyes and wish away on Jesus’s Birthday each year and just BELIEVE it will come true sometime in your Happy New Year!


  • Heavy paper or card stock (I used brown paper grocery bag)
  • Glue
  • Crochet thread or any thick string
  • Glitter & sequins optional


  • I traced an oatmeal container on my piece of paper for the circle (you will need two for one ornament)
  • Next, I traced a smaller bowl in the middle of each circle
  • Cut out the middle so you are left with the shape of a wreath
  • Line glue around your circle
  • Begin laying your thread in different directions
  • Once this step is complete glue your other circle and place on top to seal this together
  • Decorate with glitter and sequins
  • Punch hole and add string hanger
  • Make your wish

A Children’s Christmas Play

This year I became a Girl Scout Leader for my 2nd grade daughter’s Brownie Troop. It’s been a lot of fun! Our last meeting was probably the best one yet! I wrote a Christmas play for the girls to perform! It was not award winning material but it contained a good message. It was easy enough for this age group and it was short enough that we were able to run through it 3 times during our hour long meeting to give each girl a chance to play different parts. Each girl was also asked to bring in some of their used toys to donate to a local thrift store that uses its proceeds to help families in need. I felt this would really give the girls ownership in helping others if they were giving up something that was theirs!

My daughter playing the part of Narrator

My daughter playing the part of Narrator


The Christmas Spirit


(A family of four is putting decorations on their tree and smiling and laughing while two sisters across town are huddled over a small fire with sad looks on their faces and rubbing their hands and bodies trying to stay warm.)

Narrator: Its Christmas Eve night. There is a light snow falling outside. A family is inside their warm house busy decorating their Christmas tree and having fun.

Father:  Children, help me hang the last of the decorations on the tree and then you can open the presents that me and your mother bought you!

Mother: After we open presents we can eat the dinner that I cooked! I made turkey, potatoes and cherry pie!

Narrator: The children hang the last of the decorations and sit down as their Mother and Father hand them their presents and they begin to open them.

Girl 1: Oh, Mommy and Daddy! I love my new doll and thank you for the new hat and mittens!

Girl 2: Look at this new game! I’ve always wanted this! I really like my new scarf too! Thank you so much Mommy and Daddy!

Father: You are very welcome children! We love you very much and hope you have a wonderful year!

Mother: Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes. You can play with your new toys until then.

Girl 1: Can we go for a walk outside and wear our new hat and scarf until dinner is ready?

Father: Sure, just be back in 20 minutes.

Narrator: The girls go for a walk outside and not far from their house they meet two little girls who are huddled over a small fire on the street. They look sad, hungry and cold.

Girl 2: Hi! Merry Christmas! We are just out for a walk until our dinner is ready. What are you doing?

Girl 3: Hi! Merry Christmas to you too! Our parents had to work tonight and we are just sitting here trying to keep warm.

Girl 4: Our parents left us some bread for supper and they gave us each a beautiful rock for our Christmas present that they found down by the river.

Narrator: The girls who had just come from their nice, warm house looked surprised. They began whispering into each other’s ears.

Girl 1: My mother is making a big dinner. Would you come join us?

Girl 3: That is really nice of you. We would love to!

Narrator: The four girls all hold hands and walk back to the nice warm house. They can smell the turkey and cherry pie as they walk in the house.

Girl 2: Mom! Dad! We’re back! We made some new friends. Their parents are working so we invited them to come have dinner with us!

Mother: Hi girls! That is wonderful! I’m so glad you can join us!

Father: Merry Christmas girls! Pull up a chair and let’s sit down and enjoy this delicious dinner!

Girl 1: Wait! We need to do something first!

Narrator: Both girls run over to their presents and give some to each of their new friends.

Girl 2: We received so many nice gifts and we want you to have some of them.

Girl 4: Thank you so much! This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us!

Girl 3: This is the best Christmas ever!

Narrator: It was the best Christmas for everyone. They all made new friends. They all truly felt the Christmas spirit glowing inside of them.

Everyone: Merry Christmas!!

(everyone takes a bow)