The Grandma That Played Baseball

I fully believe you are born with your personality. I do believe that how you evolve and grow does come from outside influences. I think the women in your life make an impact.

I grew up with strong and fabulous women in my life.

My Grandma Charlotte ran a country, all- in- one, tavern/grocery store/gas station. She was hard working, tough, cried when she laughed and very generous with all she knew.

My Grandma Freda lived on a farm, raised a large family with no running water (outhouse and water pump outside), was extremely creative with the little she had to work with (painted designs on her linoleum when they couldn’t afford new) and was very quiet and thoughtful.

My mom has the spirit of a child, can work power tools, makes everyone feel special, is full of knowledge, is hard working, makes huge messes (she does clean them all up), plays baseball with her grandchildren and can make anything out of nothing at all.

I would like to think I have taken a little from each one. I cry when I laugh, I like being creative and I can make SOME things out of nothing at all!

My children have my mom, me and their Grandma Ramona who raised 8 children, has a lot of patience, has an uncanny ability to read people, saves every empty food container (you never know when you could run out of Tupperware with a family that big), always puts everyone’s needs ahead of her own and loves Elvis Presley.

The possibilities of how my children will end up are endless; taking pieces of their great-grandmothers, grandmas and me. In all fairness, there are flaws, poor genetic traits, plenty of bizarre quirks and of course the MEN in their life….BUT…..

I hope they are all creative and can make anything out of nothing. I hope they are all full of knowledge, hard working, and laugh until they cry. I hope they have lots of patience and like to make huge messes as long as they clean them up. I hope they save for a rainy day and can work power tools. I hope they love Elvis, can tell the good people from the bad and keep their childhood spirit forever and I hope…. THEY ALL PLAY BASEBALL WITH THEIR GRAND KIDS!

Grandma as pitcher


Grandma as hitter!