You Are My True Love

This winter is getting long. The temperatures have been unbearable leaving my whole family to stay inside. They can’t even have recess at school. Irritation and frustration break out on a constant basis between us all.

My 5 year old son, Bency has been affected the most by the confinement. His high energy needs constant release and without the ability to run and play outside; the house has become his playground. It drives me crazy when he races and flips through the house. He screams and hollers through our small abode like a wild bandit. I’ve had to intervene and yell at him on a regular basis to protect the safety and sanity of all the innocent bystanders in our home.

After a short jaunt in his bedroom the other day after a particularly chaotic episode I told him he could come out and asked him if he thought he could behave better now. He looked at me seriously and replied, “I don’t know Mom. I’m really sorry but I was thinking of just acting better tomorrow.”

A few days later, I was reading Bency bedtime stories and tucking him in his bed for the night. I gave him a hug and kiss and told him I loved him. He said he loved me too. I asked him how much he loved me. He got a silly smirk on his face and said, “You know Mom.” I told him I didn’t know.

He then looked bashful. His eyes lit up. His lips turned up at the corners but he appeared to want to hide his smile. He shook his head in slight hesitation and said, “Mooomm…You know you are my True Love.”

My heart did a flip. I stopped dead in my tracks. These little words made my heart melt.

I was too choked up to say anything back so I just grabbed him one more time for an extra tight hug and held him until he said, “Mom, I can’t breathe.”

For a brief moment I wanted to tell him he could run through the house all he wanted. He could do a triple axle flip on the couch. He could flood the house with water and make it into a giant swimming pool. Instead I held my tongue knowing that is not what he needed. He just needed me to keep being his Mom…. guiding him to know right from wrong….teaching him new things….and loving him with all my heart.

Bency and I are really two peas in a pod. We are thinkers. We are creative. We have to be constantly busy. When we screw up our day we like to start fresh the next.

He is my True Love.

Bency and I

Bency and I