Have Yourself An Angry (Bird) Little Birthday

Even though my son almost never gets to play the video game Angry Birds and you can read about why here he still absolutely loves them and requested it for the theme of his birthday party this year.

Here is how we celebrate an Angry Bird birthday over at Motherhood Is An Art.

First, I made an Angry Bird cake:


I screwed up while making the cake but it ended up turning out okay. I absentmindedly forgot to set aside white frosting to dye yellow and white for the beak and eyes. I had to cut a marshmallow in half for the eyes and I used cereal for the beak. For the head and tail feathers I broke graham crackers into little rectangles, frosted them and stuck them into the sides of the cake.

Next, I created a few games for the party.

I made a poster of the different piggies and we used this for two games. I painted these piggies on freehand but if you’re not into drawing you could cut these out of a coloring book and paste them on as well.


I drew and cut out three different birds from Angry Birds and we played Pin the Angry Bird on the Piggie:


We used this same poster and laid it on the ground for Toss the Angry Bird on the Piggie. We used three plastic Angry Birds that my son already had in his room:


Next I built a life-size Angry Bird game out of various cardboard boxes and piggies made out of balloons. You had to try to knock down the piggies with a Angry Bird stuffed toy we had. The stuff toy we used is heavier than a normal stuffed toy because it has a voice box in it. I don’t know if a regular stuffed toy would have worked as well.


For the piggies I just cut out snouts and eyes from construction paper and used scotch tape to adhere them:


The last game we played had nothing to do with Angry Birds but it was one that we played at my daughter’s party when she was in Kindergarten and I thought it was a good one so I thought we should do it again. I call it Puppies and Kittys. All it requires is long strips of fabric about a yard length long. One child is designated a puppy and the rest are kitties. The ones that are kitties get a piece of the fabric stuck to the back of their shirt with masking tape and this is their tail. The puppy has to chase the kitties around and try to step on their tail to remove it. Once there tail is gone the kitty becomes a puppy too and gets to help get the other children’s tails off.


I had a fun time with the kids and I think my son really enjoyed his party!


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