Dress Me Up Barbie

I spend about a month planning my kids’ birthday parties. It’s always quite an event at our house! I love having the parties but I get stressed out working out all the details between the cake, food, games and loot bags. I feel like we’ve played every game ever known in childhood history so coming up with something new is always a brainstorm marathon. This year when I was planning my daughter, Iris’s, 7th birthday party she requested, “Pin the Tiara on Barbie.” Her party theme was Barbie but the previous year was a Princess and Pirate theme and we had, “Pin the Crown on the Princess and Eye Patch on the Pirate.” I think every birthday we have had, we have pinned “something on to something” so I felt her suggestion was a bit redundant but it gave me an idea…I made “Dress-Up Barbie.”

For this, I simply bought a piece of poster board and drew a Barbie on it. I painted a Barbie with a swimsuit on and then drew some clothes and accessories for her. My daughter cut out and colored all the clothes for me. Each child at the party was blindfolded and assigned a different article of clothing or accessory to attach to Barbie. It was a fun game and the biggest bonus of all…Iris has been able to continue playing with it and making new clothes for her as well!

I can’t wait to find out what we’re going to be pinning to next year!


Dress Me Up Barbie


After the girls put the clothes on!


Princess and Pirate game from last year