I’m In England

Hi Folks!

Today you can find me in England!

Okay, actually it is just a blog out of England called Little Steps run by my friend Dean. She is originally from the Philippines and is now living in the most charming area of England by the ocean with her husband and daughter.

She asked me to partake in her monthly Chat With A Mom and I graciously accepted. So hop on over and find my answers to her burning questions!

October Chat With Moms

Also, I believe it is tomorrow you will find me over at the Sadder But Wiser Girl’s blog doing a guest post about what made me a better person (it is probably not at all what you expect)! I will be back with the link when that post comes up!

Have a great day!


Nose Hair

The other day, I was in the bathroom flossing my 5 year old, Bency’s teeth when he told me, “You know Mom, I have hair in my nose. I’ve seen it. I tipped my head back and there was hair in MY nose!”

I told Bency that everyone has hair in their nose. I explained that it is a precaution against germs and that the hair catches the germs on them so they can’t get in our body (keep in mind Bency has a cold right now, so we’ve been talking a lot about germs). I also told him that since the hair in our nose is covered with germs we must continually blow our nose into a tissue to get the germs out. We should never stick our finger up our nose and wipe it on something (i.e. the kitchen table) or eat it because we are spreading germs to everyone else and our self.

Bency asked, “What happens if all the hair falls out of your nose?”

I told him that would not happen and then my mind began to wander….

“Why do men get MORE and LONGER nose hair as they get older?? Do they have more germs to fight off? Do they have lower immune systems? This is seriously something I need to google.”

In the midst of my pondering Bency began tugging on my shirt and saying, “But Mom!!!! What if all of our nose hair falls out??? Just what if it does????

I told him that would not happen and then my mind began to wander again….

“I think I am really brilliant! Bency is taking this information really seriously! He’s still at the stage in his cold where his nose is still running but it will soon turn to the booger stage. I have been worried about this stage. I don’t want him to be the kid picking his nose in Kindergarten. I’ve told him nose picking is gross but…. “gross” does not turn boys off; this only fuels them more. I think this “germs in your nose thing” is really going to work and deter him from being the nose picker in class.”

Again, there’s a tug on my shirt and Bency asks once again, “Okay, maybe it doesn’t usually happen but what if one time…just ONE time…it happens…and all the hair falls out of my nose and ALL of the germs get sucked into my body???”

I replied with, “Well, I would get some glue and glue all your nose hair back in for you!” (Bency has a lot of strange fears and dwells on everything… so this was the best I could come up with to squelch his new nightmare.)

Bency was satisfied with this answer.

Bency at age 2 1/2 picking his nose…sorry for the poor photo quality…it’s probably better that way!

I Know Everything


The amount of questions I’ve been asked by my children since becoming a mother is mind boggling. The amount of questions I still have to deal with (I realize they don’t stop when they turn 18…thanks MOM!) is downright frightening!!

My favorite came in the form of a tap on my shoulder at 3am, four years ago from my then 3 year old, Iris, “Mom, why do we have thumbs?” Kids think about EVERYTHING and apparently they think about them 24 hours a day!

I ruined the good ol’ answer of “I don’t know” for myself awhile back. After explaining to my 5 year old Bency nicely for the 100th time that the reason he needs to brush his teeth is to avoid cavities; I became exasperated on the 101th time and said, “Because I am the Mom…I know everything…so just do what I tell you to do.” Those three words…”I know everything”…have ruined my life.

The other day, Bency asked why a local business in our neighborhood was being remodeled. I replied, “I don’t know.” He came back with, “But Mom, I thought you said you know EVERYTHING??” I hung my head momentarily in defeat, took a deep breath and said, “That is the ONLY thing I don’t know. I know everything else.”

In the weeks since I’ve made that statement, Bency has used this opportunity to really test my knowledge. “How do fireworks work? Can a bird still eat if it loses it’s beak? What is the process called when seeds start to grow?” Normally, I would openly go to the computer with the kids and look up answers to give them CORRECT and detailed explanations. Now I’m forced to give answers off the cuff using big, sometimes “made-up” words and answer “yes or no” when I’m really not sure. I was pretty sure germination was the answer to the seed question but really wanted to send him to Iris, my seven year old to field that question as I know she studied that subject in school this year. At the expense of losing all credibility I took my chances.


Bency playing with fireworks

I realize I have made a big mistake, but in order to get Bency to brush his teeth I must maintain my reputation and upkeep this facade that “I KNOW EVERYTHING!” As a mother it is my responsibility that my children have healthy teeth. If my kids are destined to become chemists I have to trust that with or without me they will become a chemist. Their curiosity will get them there and I will dutifully supply them with a computer so they can learn EVERYTHING!