It’s Tough Being A Kid At Our House At Halloween

It’s tough being a kid in our house at Halloween. My husband and I both love this holiday and we have forced our love on our kids since they were wee little ones.

You get thrust into pumpkins for the sake of cute pictures!

Iris at 5 months old began this tradition

Bency at 4 months old getting the pumpkin shot

Cesar at 1 month old being shoved into the pumpkin…have to keep tradition alive!

You get laid in piles of leaves for the sake of cute pictures!

Iris at 5 months for her first leaf photo shoot

Bency at 4 months for his leaf photo op

Poor Cesar at 1 month keeping up the tradition and hating every minute of it!

You are expected to help decorate the front yard with whatever crazy ideas your parents have.

Iris’s first time helping us make a scarecrow back in 2006

The witch the kids help me make this year

When your Dad is an expert pumpkin carver; you must follow in his footsteps and create many pumpkin masterpieces starting at a very early age.

One of my husband’s pumpkins this year!

Bency working on his pumpkin this year

Iris’s pumpkin this year

Cesar’s first year of getting to make his own pumpkin

Lastly, the hardest part of being a kid in our household is your Mom makes you wear Halloween clothes ALL month long!

Bency & Iris wearing the same pumpkin shirt in 2009

All three kids in Halloween gear in 2010

All three kids sporting their Halloween outfits in 2011…Cesar still hated Halloween!

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