No One Needs to be Left Out

I have one very important word for you today…….SWIFFER!

I don’t care if you have one child or ten….your house gets dirty! Someone needs to clean the house….let it be your kids!

In case you are unfamiliar with the Swiffer, it is a dust mop with replaceable microfiber cloths. It picks up EVERYTHING!

For the past two years while my 7 year old daughter was in school and my 2 year old son was doing baby things I had my 5 year old son swiffering the floors for me. This summer with everyone home and the baby not a “baby” anymore everyone is getting in on the action!

It sets me on edge when my kids start arguing but when they start arguing about who’s turn it is to swiffer… it is almost like a sweet melody to my ears! (I have learned to set the timer so everyone gets their fair share of the glorious dust mop!)

I’m not going to lie to you and say this is “hours of fun” for your kid and you can go sit down and read a book while they clean the house. It’s more like 15 minutes of fun for each kid before they’ve had enough.

The best fun is taking the cloth off to throw in the garbage. We all stare at it in amazement at how much filth accumulates on the floor in such a short time (we swiffer a couple of times a week).

After that, I give the kids a high-five, thank them for their help and send them outside to play in the dirt so they can track more filth into the house so we have something to swiffer up later on!


Cesar, the almost 2 year old, swiffering