Thanksgiving Makes Us Happy, Mad and Sad

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are having our family and friends join us at our house for a feast.

Since I was busy this morning getting everything ready for tomorrow and the kids are off of school; I put them to work making things to decorate the house.

I decided upon a series of people cut out of paper bags for them to color and we could create a chain of them. I told the kids this symbolized the coming together as family and friends at Thanksgiving time.

Our Thanksgiving Family and Friends chain

I went in to check on them in between washing dishes and getting some cooking done.

My 5 year old, Bency was on his third person and said, “This person’s getting the mad face.”

I shrieked, “What??? No! You can’t have a mad person in the Thanksgiving chain! They must all be happy!”

Bency shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, I’ve already made one happy and one sad. I need a mad one now.”

I paused for a moment and thought.

Bency really has Thanksgiving figured out. Thanksgiving brings out a whole range of emotions.

First, you’re happy when you see all of the food. Secondly, you’re sad when you realize how much you’ve just eaten and lastly you just get down right mad at yourself when you keep going back for more.

Bency said he needs me to make a few more people for him to color. He forgot to make a “surprised person.”

Yes, Thanksgiving brings out the surprise in all of us when we just can’t seem to button those pants the next day!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


The mad, the sad and the happy of Thanksgiving!