This Boy is Creepy

My 7 year old daughter’s room was becoming overrun with toys, papers and other things she has been hoarding. With the influx of new toys this past Christmas I told her we needed to go through her room and downsize. I went around her room and held up one item at a time and asked if we could keep it or get rid of it.

My 5 year old son Bency witnessed us doing this and although he is somewhat of a neat freak and keeps his room extremely tidy he thought this looked like fun and wanted me to join him in his room and do the same thing.

We both went and looked around his room and knew there was nothing there he would be willing to part with but then he thought for a minute and quickly ran and got a decoration off of his dresser.

He said “I definitely want to get rid of this! He stares at me all the time and it’s really creeping me out.”

Big Boy

Big Boy

I was shocked! I was floored! I just couldn’t believe it! My sweet Big Boy that I rescued from a garage sale 20 years ago for 25 cents. The symbol of a beloved restaurant franchise that went out of business in our town when I was in elementary school.

How could this cute little plastic boy be creepy?

Wait…why is he smiling? He does look like he’s up to something. Is he plotting a scheme? Why is he looking at me? Quit looking at me Big Boy!

Okay, Bency’s right. He is kind of creepy!