Trash to Treasure Halloween Project

Halloween is my very favorite holiday. I love doing projects this time of year and I had an idea the other day for a new one.

It involves using one of my favorite things: old photographs

Whenever I see old photos at estate sales I buy them if they are reasonably priced or free. I feel this strange need to rescue them.

A few years ago I picked up this 11×14 family photograph in a nice frame for $1.50 (yes, one dollar and 50 cents). Isn’t it sad that someone’s hard work of getting three young children dressed properly and looking nice is being sold for $1.50?

old photograph from an estate sale

old photograph from an estate sale

Anyway, it’s been sitting in my basement waiting for me to come up with an idea to use it. During one of my weekly brainstorming sessions while ironing, the perfect solution popped into my head: I needed to use it for a Halloween decoration.

Yesterday, I sat down and set to work painting it for a new Halloween decoration for my living room.

Painted old photograph for Halloween decoration

Painted old photograph for Halloween decoration

This was a really fun and easy project. I feel a teensy bit bad for painting over it but not bad enough that I wouldn’t think about doing it again if I should find another big portrait at an estate sale for $1.50!

For more related Halloween projects and costume ideas I have done in the past you can find them all under the Halloween link under Categories on the right hand side of my blog page!

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!

22 responses

  1. Wow – excellent way to recycle an old painting! As soon as I saw what you were going to do my mind started thinking about the end result, and what you would have painted and how I could do the same and what I would paint… and then I was reminded that you have little kids! The Fraken-family is awesome!

  2. Remember me? I may just be back (but I don’t want to jinx it KNOCK ON WOOD.) šŸ™‚

    Anyways, WHO ARE YOU? You are seriously the most amazing arts and crafts person I have ever known. Holy toledo, this project is genius and we need to get you a tv show! As always, I remain amazing, and inspired!

  3. This seems like something Andy Warhol would do! You could run with this idea and not just for Halloween. I knew of a photograph collector who collected old black and white photos that were painted in. This is like a modern interpretation of that genre. Cool idea!

    bwahaha!!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Something is wrong with me…LOL Really, though, that is super duper creative & cool looking, although a weeeeee bit creepy at the same time. šŸ™‚ Very talented!!

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