My Own Little Pieces of Art History

This past Monday found me organizing all of my art supplies. I just got rid of the non-working 1940’s refrigerator that I used to store it all in and replaced it with some shelving. It was no longer functioning as storage for me because it couldn’t hold everything I had and everything was spilling out onto the floor in several cardboard boxes. I spent more time looking for the things I needed than I was actually spending creating art.

I am still not done organizing not only because it is a huge, overwhelming job but also because I started losing myself in all of the stacks and stacks of artwork I have done over the years. A lot of the pieces really tell my story so much better than a photo album can.

Take for instance this little number I doodled during some high school class on a piece of notebook paper. My mind was always wandering and I could never pay attention…

A ink drawing I did while doodling during a high school class

A ink drawing I did while doodling during a high school class

I have always been fascinated by babies and eyes. This is a picture of one of my nephews that I drew 20 years ago. I remember he was sitting on someone’s lap and I just sat and drew him. It doesn’t surprise me that I never finished it. I have so many unfinished drawings in my stack of artwork…

A drawing of one of my nephews

A drawing of one of my nephews

I was so happy when I had kids of my own so that I could draw them. I have lots of artwork I did of these little people. Here is the first one I did when Iris was 2 1/2 and Bency was just a little baby.

watercolor painting from 2007

watercolor painting from 2007

Here are a few more that I came across that I have done throughout the years. It’s amazing to sit back and remember sitting down and making these. When I look at them it brings me right back to those moments.


My husband's favorite restaurant

My husband’s favorite restaurant

Another restaurant in our town

Another restaurant in our town

A shop down the street from us

A shop down the street from us







Party Picture

This week I was busy working on a painting that I can use for making invitations for the kid’s birthdays this year. The birthdays aren’t until May and June but we tend to get started early in our planning process over here! Mainly due to my children’s urging!

Painting I did this week

Painting I did this week


Angry Bird Art

Yesterday I posted about the Unicorn poster I made my daughter for Christmas. Today I got my son’s art done and got both files sent in to be made into posters for their Christmas presents.

In case this is something you are interested in doing yourself, it can be a very affordable and easy present for anyone. I did do drawing and painting in addition to some graphic design to create my posters but you can use free photo editing sites. I tend to use the most. This way if you are not into drawing and painting you can upload a photograph that you have taken and do many wonderful things with it to make it something really unique! I then send my files into and have a poster made for $5.97!

Angry Birds2

My Hearts On Fire For Elvira

This afternoon I did an art project combining two of my childhood loves. Paper dolls and the song Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys. This song came out when I was six and I can distinctly remember my Dad singing along with gusto to this song using his bass voice. I have since taught my own children this song!

collage piece I did today using an old book as the background, paper doll dresses from 1969 and my own drawings for the heads

Sometimes I Look At Her and I Still See a Baby

Painting I did yesterday taken from a photograph of Iris at 6 months

My daughter Iris is 6 months old in this picture. This year she turned 7 years old.

Sometimes I look at her and I still see a baby. She has not changed a bit.

Then I pull out the old photo albums and pictures like this pop out and it takes my breath away. When did my daughter get a jawline? She clearly did not have one at 6 months. When did her nose become long and slender? She had such a small button nose at 6 months. When did she get arms that revealed both her elbow and forearm? She had roly-poly sausages with five fingers sticking out of them at 6 months.

At 7 years old, my daughter is still very innocent. Yet, she knows words to pop songs. She talks on the phone to her best friend and they GIGGLE! I now fully understand the reference when someone says, “she giggled like a little school girl.” She talks about the presidential election. She asks me to do her hair a certain way.

But sometimes I just look at  her and I still see a baby.

Daddy’s Little Girl

My husband is my 7 year old daughter Iris’s biggest cheerleader. When I say she can have one piece of candy after supper…he sneaks her two and whispers not to tell me (I can HEAR you)! He is a parenting books nightmare. Sometimes he is my nightmare when it comes to this “softie” approach. I don’t say anything though…just give him my infamous “eye roll.” I secretly love how he adores our daughter and does everything from his heart. When Iris recently got her ears pierced he asked her several times a day if he could see them. She would proudly pull back her hair and he would whistle and say how beautiful they were. One night when I was tucking her into bed she said she thought Daddy loved her earrings the most out of anyone and that she loved showing him her earrings. It made me happy to know that this simple little gesture could bring a little girl so much joy. I guess everyone needs that “softie” in their life. Someone who will always cheer them on, sneak them one more piece of candy and tell them over and over how beautiful  and special they are.

Alex and Iris on their way to the Father/Daughter dance this spring

Painting I did of Alex and Iris today


The First Lollipop

I painted this today. It is from a photograph I took in March when Cesar was 18 months old having his first lollipop. This is a true turning point and milestone in every kid’s life. One that is easily overlooked. Nothing will ever be the same again. The beloved banana and applesauce will pale in comparison once you get your first piece of candy. The laying down, flailing tantrums may start if denied from here on out. The parent takes such delight in seeing the look of surprise and satisfaction on their kid’s face at the first taste and the rest of their kid’s lives trying to hide it and take it away!


The First Lollipop