Unicorn Art

Here is a piece of artwork I did today. I will be making it into a poster by submitting the file to an online company and then giving it to my daughter for Christmas!

Unicorn Pic

22 responses

  1. Beautifully made! She couldn’t get a SPECIAL Gift as this one, from anyone else. This gift is made with lots of LOVE, by mom. A Great Keepsake. Thank you for sharing. Regards, Mtetar

  2. What a memorable gift Iris is going to receive! Do you mind me asking for the link to the company that’s going to print this poster? Just in case I decide to roll up my sleeves and do it myself one day. Thanks, Melissa!

    • Well, I normally use walmart.com for printing all my photos. To make a poster here it is $5.97 for a 11×14. I found a website today called shortrunposters.com where a 18×24 is $2.97. Once I get Bency’s done I will make my decision but I will probably just go with walmart.com since I’ve used them before and I want to assure I get it before Christmas. Of course you can get larger sizes through them too but I was just looking to keep it a cheap gift! I highly encourage you trying this out! It is so fun!

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