There is Room For One More Christmas Craft

If you are a mom with small children, you may share my plight. It’s Christmas time and every inch of your house is filled with decorations. There is no table top or tree branch that is not filled with something. In order to find the remote control you need a GPS system to alert you as to what Christmas pillow it is under.

Yet, Christmas time is the time for creating. Children are excited and anticipating Christmas projects galore.

This year, I came up with a solution to our lack of space that still allowed us to do projects and fulfill their creative minds.

The creation itself is not innovative. I cut out various Christmas shapes out of construction paper. We had snowmen, stars, Christmas trees and ornaments (circles). The kids decorated these with the supplies of choice (markers, stickers, glitter etc.).


The part the kids were most excited about though is the fact that I hung them from the ceiling.

It gave their artwork center stage because you clearly cannot miss things dangling above your head.


This was a win-win for our family. Not a lot of mess, the kids still got to make Christmas projects and I wasn’t banging my head trying to come up with a place to put yet one more craft!

The only one who kind of suffers from the deal is my 6’3’’ husband who has to dodge and maneuver his way through the living room!

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  1. Love it! Something I did this year with my kids is I let them cut out “snowman pieces” on card stock (eyes, buttons, carrot nose, etc.) and put magnets on the back. They love decorating my white fridge with it! Now we TRULY have every inch of our home decorated!

  2. That’s a great idea! I wonder if I can hang a Christmas tree from the ceiling? Since my kids are older now, we have all agreed that a musical Charlie Brown tree on an end table is perfect. That is how small my house is! I’m cracking up thinking about your husband ducking and weaving through the house. Hope he’s a good sport!

  3. Hahahaha – my husband is a tall guy like yours. I seriously need to have the boys bust out with some extra glittery craft project that I can hang from the ceiling, sending Husband off to work with glitter in his hair. 😉

    • I just used scotch tape attached to the string…the last time we painted we also painted the ceiling and the scotch tape has pulled some of the paint off (we have hung stuff from the ceiling in the past). Oh well, it was time for us to repaint anyway!!! LOL!

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