Weekend at Grandma’s

As indicated by the title I am sure you have surmised that my children spent the weekend at Grandma’s. This is in fact true. You may have also felt your mind wandering to the movie Weekend at Bernie’s and are imagining that my kids had one heck of party while they propped “dead Grandma” up in a corner.

Weekend at Bernie's...image courtesy of Google images

Weekend at Bernie’s…image courtesy of Google images

In past overnight visits with Grandma this is not that far off base. My husband and I pick up the kids late morning only to find a once very tidy house looking like a tornado has swept through. The children are running around like lunatics still in their pajamas and uncombed hair throwing Cheerios and marshmallows in the air and Grandma sits in the recliner looking like death warmed over in a comatose state.

Even though my Mom raised three children herself, we were all spaced out quite a bit so she never had 3 little kids running around. My kids are all small yet so they all demand guidance, supervision and some level of help. I am somewhat accustom to the demands and expectations that this involves but am not immune to the knowledge of the amount of work and exhaustion this brings. Through the years I have developed a set of guidelines I expect my children to adhere to at home so that things run somewhat smoothly. However, when my kids go to Grandma’s house all of these rules and regulations go out the door.

My children convince Grandma that food should be doled out every hour, there is no such thing as bedtimes, clothing is optional, every toy in the house should be taken out and cleaning up is not necessary. It’s not that my Mom doesn’t try to enforce proper behaviors but after a few attempts she just gives up when she realizes the effort it would take and comes to the conclusion that it’s only for a short time and her most important duty is to keep the children alive and let them have fun.

However, this past weekend was different. When we picked up the kids, the house was tidy. The children were sitting quietly playing toys in their clothes. The came and gave us hugs and began showing us the stacks of crafts and projects they did with Grandma. Grandma looked vibrant and youthful.

I think weekend at Grandma’s was a roaring success!

We arrived back at our house at noon on Saturday and unloaded the kids from the van.

The youngest had fallen asleep on the way home so I immediately brought him up for his nap.

When I came back downstairs I found a most unusual sight. My two older children who never take naps….were sleeping! All of the kids slept all afternoon and my middle son only woke up long enough to go up to his bed and go back to sleep until the next morning.

Iris asleep on the couch Saturday afternoon

Iris asleep on the couch Saturday afternoon

Bency just fell asleep on the floor

Bency just fell asleep on the floor

Apparently, even during the most successful weekend at Grandma’s there is still no such thing as bedtimes!

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  1. What wonderful sleepy-heads, Grandma’s place is for spoiling (with some control) of course. Hmm perhaps just maybe your little ones are ….dare I say it ‘growing up’ and Grandma had the control whilst still letting them be them. How lovely for you to come downstairs and they were sound asleep – exhaustion from a weekend of fun. xx

    • Oh boy…could it be possible they are “growing up”???? Nah, I’m sure it was just some fluke and things will be back to normal the next time they go…partying like rock stars and driving Grandma batty!

    • I need to at least find out what she did to make my kids sleep all day! She is swearing up and down she had them in bed at a reasonable time. I know she kept them busy doing crafts but I do crafts with them all of the time…that never wears them out! If I find out the secret I’ll pass it on to you!

  2. That good sleep is all from lots of energy worked out, and well spent time with create activities. They had a great time with grandma of course. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  3. What a blessing for all of you! I grew up on a different end of the country from both sets of grandparents, so I know how precious a gift it is to have grandparents within a day’s drive. My two kids love staying with my parents in particular, though A has only recently begun to look forward to these overnight stays. She has even been asking for us to go out so she and her brother can go spend a night with their grandparents. I need to capitalize on her eagerness and plan something soon! –Alison

    • I know exactly what you mean about growing up away from grandparents. Both sets of mine lived far away and I only got to stay with one set for a week one time. I think I definitely missed out on something! My kids get quite an experience staying with Grandma and Grandpa! You definitely need to plan something soon!

  4. 🙂 oh! kids! my nephew and son LOVE, ADORE their grandma and grandpa! when they are at my parents; they do everything they want! 🙂 If mine would sleep after he comes back from grandma’s , I would send him every day! ha!ha!

  5. Your mom and my mother-in-law are two peas in a pod. Whenever my kids go over to her house, they come back with a spend-the-night hangover. They’re completely exhausted. And her response, “What happens at grandma’s house stays at grandma’s house!” 🙂

    • haha!! I love the “spend-the-night hangover”…that is the perfect way to describe the phenomenon that occurs after a night with Grandma! Thankfully my kids weren’t all grumpy and out of sorts like they usually are…they just slept it off! I can definitely handle that!

  6. Maybe Grandma “wised up”. Perhaps she let them stay up ALL night. Sleep derivation usually makes for very cooperative inmates! LOL! They are very cute! I have long been of the opinion that children are at their absolute cutest (not to mention quietest) when they are asleep!

    • I’m sure she didn’t let them stay up all night because if that happened Grandma wouldn’t have been looking youthful and vibrant when we went to go pick the kids up. My kids don’t just keep to themselves and watch a movie quietly in the dark. If the kids are up…everyone is up! And yes, I love sleeping children. I didn’t even know I was going to do a post about this but I just had to snap the pictures of the kids sleeping because it is always a beautiful sight in my eyes!

  7. Hahaha! I think they pulled a fast one on you and were up all night partying! Then to make it look good, they tidied up and looked like little angels when you picked them up. And they almost got away with it too!

    • Yes, it was nice to have some time away! We went for dinner and then did some clothes shopping. The next day we went to rummage sales! We are really exciting folks! I looked for those Gourmet magazines for you but didn’t find any! It’s still really early in the rummage sale season though so I will continue to be on the look out!

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