Trick or Treat…Smell Our Ghost Feet

Today I thought I would share another Halloween project the kids and I did this past weekend. Since the majority of people thought my last project Spooky Barbie was too creepy, I thought I would share something a little sweeter.

I know this project has to be less creepy because I got the idea from Barney (yes, the big, purple dinosaur). I had no idea Barney was a crafty guy. My kids told me about this and made me watch the show Barney’s Halloween Bash (or something like that) on Netflix so we could recreate it.

I don’t think Barney had a name for this project so I’ll call it…Ghost Feet!

Supplies you’ll need:

Brown Paper Bag cut into large rectangle (or any large paper…not white)
White paint
Black paint
Wet rag

First, you lay the bag on the floor.
Next, you paint your child’s foot with the white paint and have them step on the paper.
Finally, you paint eyes and mouth on the foot which is now a ghost.

Okay, this SHOULD be a really simple, quick project.

I however, was not thinking ahead! Surprise! After I painted my first child’s foot, she hopped off the brown paper bag like I instructed her to do and got white foot prints all over the wood floor! Doh!!! Hence the wet rag on the supply list!

Make sure you wipe off your child’s foot immediately after you have them stamp their foot on the paper!!!

Also, painting a child’s foot who is very ticklish tends to get lots of paint everywhere too!

I think Barney just had a plate with paint on it for the kids to dip their foot in. Maybe Barney is wiser than me or perhaps I really love doing 5 minute projects and then spending a hour cleaning it all up!

Our project this past weekend!

P.S. Barney didn’t write “Trick or Treat, Smell Our Feet” on his. I’m still not as sweet as Barney!

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  1. Hahahaha – I think Barney is just lazy when it comes to art projects. The sign of a good art project is one that takes longer to clean up than actually do (one of the reasons I don’t like art projects).

    This is a super cute project although if I attempted it I am sure there would be cat and dog footprints along with two sets of little boy prints all around our living room.

    • Yes, I may have had second thoughts about the project had they actually shown on the show what happens after the kids stick their painted foot on the paper!! Of course, there are poor moms like me, who don’t think ahead and get footprints all over!!

    • Thank you!! I decided on Saturday I needed a new look! I gathered up my old Fisher Price toys, took a picture and then picked a new theme!! It was kind of a chore for me since I know nothing about technology!!! Thanks for noticing!!

      • I have been itching to redo my “banner” (which was also taken at the Green Bay Botannical Gardens! — little fun fact just for you!), but it’s hard to find the time. Especially for a non-techie gal like me! Yours looks lovely — very cool, very awesome.

      • You know, that’s really funny because after you told me your gravatar was from the Botanical Gardens I looked at your banner and wondered! For the life of me though, I can’t remember any wooden paths like that!! I’ve been there 3 or 4 times and I’m sure there’s still tons of stuff I’ve missed!

      • Such an amazing place! We were amazed at how big it was and how much was in there. Love, love, love it!

        My husband suggested that my banner should be me, buried in the laundry room under an average day’s wash. Har, har, har.

  2. I bet “Granny’s Daycare” children would LOVE this project!! But I’m thinking an hour of cleanup would be a modest estimate with these little rascals. I believe I only have pink and yellow paint, but who’s to say ghosts can’t come in pastel colors. I’m definitely going to cue this Barney episode up tonight after homework, the boys will love it, especially Isaiah. Thanks for the great idea.

  3. That is really cute! I repinned it to Pinterest for the rest of the world to see. Who knew Barney was actually useful! I’ve done other footprint projects with paint but not that one. I always had a dishpan of soapy water ready for afterwards!

  4. Love the project and your addition of humor. My kids would enjoy this. Maybe we could even do it outside to keep the paint away from indoor surfaces…knowing us, there would be paint everywhere. And it’s still warm enough to do barefooted things down here!

    • Australia’s missing out on a lot of fun! But I understand the weather really isn’t conducive to this holiday…I don’t think it would seem like Halloween either without the cold and rain!!! You can just live vicariously through me!!

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