As Good As It Gets

This past Easter Sunday I took some pictures of the kids. I really want to capture all of those special moments. As I was going through the pictures this morning I realized the pictures really don’t tell the whole story sometimes. Here’s the low-down on what was going on with each picture:


I told the kids they could do better than this. Bency looks like he wants to bite someone. Iris looks sad. Cesar isn’t even looking at the camera. “Come on kids, get it together,” I repeat over and over!


This is 7 pictures later. Things aren’t getting much better. I have a million things to do to get the Easter lunch ready before everyone arrives. There is slight panic and irritation in my voice and I tell them just smile and we can get this over with.


Guess who tooted??!!


323 pictures later I finally get this. I’m happy with it. I have however popped out 72 more grays hairs and 19 more wrinkle lines. Yet, I still want my husband to take a picture of the kids and I. It is a special occasion after all and I just want to capture these “happy” moments!


In case you can’t tell, I am talking through my teeth in a hissing tone and telling them they can each have 5 jelly beans if we can just get one nice picture….


After 10 more pictures my husband said this is as good as it gets! I doled out the jelly beans and we had ourselves one happy Easter with no more picture taking involved! Well except for one more….


Now, this is a true happy Easter moment…..eating a chocolate bunny!!!

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    • Thanks Stephanie! I think Iris was sitting on him…so typical! Also, I never call my kids by their real names at home….I always call Cesar….Skeezer (yes, I know what it means but it just rolled off my tongue one day when he was 6 months old and I loved it…Little C isn’t weird at all compared to that!

  1. Cesar captured it all! There’s nothing better than cracking open the chocolate bunnies on Easter. By the way, I LOVE the photo of you hissing through your teeth. You pulled that smile off so naturally! 😉

    • Thanks Anka! I think I have perfected the “hissing through my teeth” technique since becoming a mom! It comes in handy in public when you don’t want to make a scene and yet you want your kids to behave!

  2. So funny, so true! Back when my kids were younger, I remember trying to get a decent picture of them in front of the Christmas tree for our Christmas card. After 80-something snaps and no decent photo, I finally leaned in and told them that I was going to whisper something to them. I got the camera focused and then whispered “Underwear!” and clicked the button. Best picture I have of all three of them — everyone looking at the camera, smiling. Saying “underwear” is still guaranteed to crack them up in our house…. 🙂

    • Oh, Bency was the worst as a little one! I would take out that camera and he would immediately start crying. The majority of his pictures under the age of 3 are of him crying or just looking so serious! I wanted some pictures of him though so I just kept snapping away! He’s going to look back on his photo albums and wonder why I only took pictures of him when he was sad!!

  3. Oh I should post some of the pictures that I have tried to take of my kids and their little cousin. It is EXTREMELY hard to get a picture of three or more children where everyone is cooperating! You did well, even if it took 323 pictures to do it!

    • Oh thank you! Isn’t that the truth though! If I had only posted my one good shot with no story everyone would have thought it was a quick snapshot that I just happened to grab as I was walking past them being so happy….definitely not the case!!!

  4. Eating a chocolate anything is a true moment in my book! Gosh, you sound like me when I’m trying to take pictures of the girls. Only I end up becoming evil about it! 🙂

    • Oh, I was definitely bordering on evil! When something that should only take a second turns into a half hour I can get a little testy! I wasn’t asking for perfection…just a nice smile and standing still….is that too much to ask…apparently the answer is yes!

      • I know what you mean. I don’t know about your kids but as I keep trying to get that “one perfect picture”, my girls seem to get worse and worse until it escalates into a frenzy and then we’re all unhappy! Oh mothers!

  5. Melissa, all the pics a very nice but I like the Jelly Beans Pose the most. The next in line is the 72 more Gray Hair, next eating a Chocolate Bunny, and the rest. Thanks for sharing. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  6. Oh aren’t we tired of saying ‘say cheese’ ‘smile’ you can have 5 jelly beans’ whilst they squirm, pull faces or fight. I could see you talking through your teeth 🙂 lovely shots never the less, you did well Mel, patience of a Saint…well to us it seems 😉 xxx

    • I actually do not scrapbook! I know, surprising right?! I do make up real photo albums. However, we have a digital photo frames sitting out and each month I change the pictures on those and I put on all of the “out takes.” Yes, we definitely need to acknowledge those moments too!

  7. You’re doing better than me, Troy usually won’t sit still long enough to capture all 3 in one shot, let alone look at the camera unless I just happen to be lucky enough to catch him before he runs away! haha! Gotta love the “fun” kids have at picture time!

  8. It looks and sounds like your photography sessions go about like mine do. My munchkins are more wiggly than fish in a barrel when it comes to getting a photo of the two of them together! Thank God for digital photos, because it’s less sickening having to take at least 10 shots to try to get one decent one of both at the same time….and still have to take more most of the time. 🙂 The easiest time to take good photos of them is when they are mesmerized by something. Mommy-the-photographer fails to fascinate them both at once on that level for very long. 🙂
    At least our kids are all cute enough that the photos look good even when they’re being goofballs. I like the photos with you, too! I rarely appear in photos anymore because I’m always taking them.

  9. OMG! I can almost hear you — “Get it together, kids!” So funny.

    And I soooo knew you were hissing through your teeth in that other picture — even before I read the caption!

    I have THE funniest picture of Fangette from a long ago Thanksgiving — she was the “World’s Most Unhappy Pilgrim!” I really have to write a pst about it. Every time I see it, I burst out laughing. Someday you will do the same with these photos!

    • Yes, SOMEDAY I will laugh. I still look at this post and I can remember how irritated I was. I wasn’t asking for that much. I am not a perfectionist. Just smile and act like it is the best day of your life and I will be happy!

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