Spooky Barbie…A Halloween Project

Hands down, Halloween is my favorite holiday. My love for Halloween can be contributed to the fact that it lands in my favorite season, Fall and that my strongest characteristic of being and doing things imperfect fits well with this holiday!

This past weekend my family jump started this festive season with a trip to get pumpkins and with a project I whirled up in my head.

I have dubbed this project: Spooky Barbie

My spooky Barbie

This project wasn’t really a stretch for me because as a child I LOVED giving my dolls haircuts and dyeing their hair with Kool-Aid.

This weekend I took it up one more notch though!

I knew full well that my daughter was not going to lend me any of her Barbies for this project so I stopped at a rummage sale and picked up two Barbies along with a bigger doll for my son.

The dolls from the rummage sale

  • At home I gave the kids acrylic paint and told them to paint the dolls to look…..SPOOKY!!!
  • After the paint dried, we dyed the blond dolls’ hair in purple food coloring.
  • After their hair was dry, I applied hair spray and we teased their hair to make it look…CRAZY!!!
  • Next I fashioned dresses for them using old white burp cloths that I cut into a square, cut a hole in the middle and then I tied this makeshift dress around the middle with a ribbon.
  • The final step was using watercolor paint to paint their dresses.

This was a cheap, simple project and truth be told….I would love this project even if I didn’t have kids!!!

Our spooky dolls!

30 responses

  1. Have I ever told you how much I HATE dolls? No. Well, I HATE dolls…freaky, little, ugly, eyes-follow-you-around-the-room evil things. While I appreciate your artistic endeavor, these “creations” would render me sleepless for months. Yikes.

  2. This one caught my eye. I really like it! Barbies seem eternal, they live on one generation to the next. Some day, you might find one with no head dancing on a hassock! They are truly invincible! By the way, thanks for chiming in on my blog today. I have been in kind of a funk about blogging. I’m well into my fifth book and I am flying high.

    • Thanks!! I wondered why you hadn’t been blogging much! I can’t believe you’re on your fifth book! Congratulations! That’s amazing! You and your wife are living the dream…mountains, writing and singing!! Truly wonderful!

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