I Totally Thought They Were Wooden Blocks

As you all know I believe that motherhood is an art form. It takes a lot of creativity and humor to navigate your way successfully through parenting.

This philosophy is particularly true when it comes to potty training.

I am in the throes of potty training my third child. My 2 year old Cesar has insisted on using the toilet. I actually would like to wait a few more months but seeing as he’s the third child and has two older siblings to look up to, he has proven to be very independent and wants to do everything they are doing.

So the potty training commenced a week ago.

I put underwear on him, showed him how to put his potty seat on the toilet and then how to sit on it by himself.

We’ve had some successes and plenty of accidents throughout the past week.

5 days ago Cesar and I were upstairs changing bedding when I noticed two of Cesar’s wooden blocks on the floor. I went to pick them up but quickly discovered they weren’t blocks…yes, they were poop that were amazingly square shape.

As I ran to his room to grab a new pair of underwear and run back to where he was, I discovered him picking it up…

So now he has poop streaked down his legs, all over his hands, it’s ground into the carpeting and I have to try to figure out a way to get him downstairs to the bathroom to get him cleaned up!

(Insert creativity and humor here!)

2 days ago Bency came downstairs and in a very nonchalant voice stated, “There’s something really weird happening in my room, Mom.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” I asked

“Well, the decorations on my dresser have all been turned backwards and my baseball hat was moved and there’s poop on the floor.” Bency replied in the most casual voice possible.

I stood there shocked. I wasn’t shocked that there were things moved around in Bency’s room nor that there was poop on the floor. Obviously, after my go around just the other day with the poop on the floor fiasco I have kind of braced myself for future occurrences as Cesar is still running amok with only loose fitting undies on.

What I was most shocked about was the ho-hum attitude that Bency had about discovering poop on his bedroom floor. I certainly think he could muster more surprise, disbelief or outrage.

So as I tried to wrap my head around his calm, cool attitude about the discoveries in his room, I made my way upstairs for a poop scavenger hunt to pick up before Cesar did….

(Insert creativity and humor for the next few months!)

Business on top, Party on the bottom

Business on top, Party on the bottom

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  1. Oh Mel such FUN you are in for! Square blocks of poop hmm…he hadn’t been eating actually…secretively any wooden blocks had he? 🙂 Yes the joys of travelling around with either a porta-potty – or several changes of underwear for those unexpected moments…. I always hoped for warm weather when it came to the potty training, the girls would run around without their knickers and so much easier to contain or control! Erm…good luck hun 🙂 xx

  2. Oh, that is too funny! Does this happen only when your youngest? Potty-training Charlotte was a dream. Emma, on the other hand, (my youngest) was a nightmare! Somewhat similar to what you’re going through…

    • My first was very easy. My second was terrified of the toilet so I had to wait until he was almost 3 before he got over his fear but then it was smooth sailing. At least this has no fears but oh boy is he going to give me a run for my money!

  3. I hated potty training but it has become some of my most loved memories.After the two little girls were potty trained one day I was going upstairs just in time to see Bethany(an officer in the Navy now)pooping in her brothers toilet bank and Alisha sitting beside her watching!

  4. welcome to my world…I pick up so many turds everyday, (dog turds), that it has pretty much become a hobby..not to mention scooping the litter box, now that we have doubled the cat population due to Gypsy’s unplanned pregnancy..and then there is my the darling grandson, Quentin, who is potty trained, but has not mastered wiping, followed by Malik’s thriftiness of not wasting toilet paper but rather using the bathroom wall and curtains to tidy himself up….yep, insert humor is about the best way to cope : )

  5. I am laughing with tears streaming down my face – hilarious!
    Thank you for reminding me to be thankful that phase of my life is over. Hang in there mom…..this too shall “pass”. (Couldn’t resist!)

  6. Potty Training is a TEST for your patience. We are are not quite there yet, but signs of soon is definitely a PLUS. It is always the case of waiting patiently for the right time, Potty Videos, Potty Books, and lots of reminders with encouragement are helpful. Thanks for sharing. Mtetar

  7. This is so funny! 🙂 so, so funny 🙂 oh! my, we are not there yet, mine looks like he will be ready but I want to wait because he doesn’t always listen to me! I’m sure this will happen in our house 🙂 ha!ha! 🙂

  8. Oh how I despise potty training! You are braver than me to deal with the floor poop! Mine keeps saying he wants to go and then freaking out when I take him in there. He sure loves to talk about poop though (so I envision him acting the exact same way as Cesar when I decide to go at it hardcore). As for Bency, he is one cool dude. My older son would have been having a coronary if he found poop in his room – while his sister would laugh hysterically until it happened to her!) 🙂

    • Bency was so afraid of the toilet so I couldn’t even get him near the bathroom until he was nearly 3. It’s such a nuisance trying to leave the house when they’re going through this stage because trying to go in public bathrooms is such a pain. Yeah, I guess I’m okay with floor poop..it’s kind of like having a new puppy running around!! haha!

    • It is my least favorite too! With my second child I actually googled “potty training boot camp” to see if you could send your kids somewhere and they would return them when they were fully potty trained! No such luck!

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  10. I did the exactly the same thing a few months ago – reached down to pick something up and whadda ya know, it was poop! That nonchallant statement by Bency is hilarious. Plus, my son would have no clue that anything was backwards or moved because his room is a shambles at all times. But I know Bency is your organized child. Wish I had one of those!

    • Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one mistaking poop for something else! Yes, Bency is the tidy one! I kind of missed when he went to Kindergarten this year. He was always picking up and cleaning! The other day he asked if he could rearrange the pillows on the couch because he didn’t like how I had them!

  11. This morning out 3 y o came to his dad and said, “I just made the world’s second biggest poop in the toilet!” And as Dadda was finishing with the “Woo-hoo!” and “Way to go!” (we’re in the middle of the world’s biggest potty training regression), the 3 y o added, “And I made the world’s first biggest poop in your office behind the bookshelf.” 😛

  12. I think I should take it easy with my son. Good to learn from you. you’re so cool !
    My son is a little short so he’s not able to sit up even after stepping on a stool.

    • Yes, don’t be in a hurry to rush the process…they all learn eventually at their own rate and when they’re ready there is still so many hurdles and obstacles to overcome…trying to go out in public has always been my biggest headache when they are learning! Thanks for stopping by!

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